Abby Dowse Pops Out Of Tiny Blue-And-Gold Bikini

Instagram has a lot of love for Abby Dowse today. The Australian model has been showcasing her latest bikini look (and it isn't just any old one). The blue-eyed-blonde has picked out "one of her favourite" two-pieces of all time, per her caption – suffice to say that Abby's fans are giving it the thumbs-up.

On May 17, Abby updated her Instagram. The picture shows her in selfie mode. Abby is shot full-length, full-frontal, and she appears to be fully channeling those gladiator vibes. Her tiny bikini is bold-shaded in deep blues, and gold-metallic accents add warrior flourishes. While golds decorate the strapless upper in cupped panel form, the matching lowers are a touch more daring – four strings here are segmented around Abby's waist. A deep golden tan showcases the model's effortlessly long limbs to their best, although the eye-poppingly-small bikini isn't far behind.

Fan comments have been pouring in. One made a beeline for the gladiator look, per their comment.

"Wonder Woman"
Another threw out their praise in a more whimsical way, per their words.
"Anyone else sigh outloud anytime [sic] they see Ms. Dowse's posts?"
Elsewhere, Dowse was told that the blue looks "crazy" on her. She was also called a "superhero."This isn't the first gladiator look from Abby. Earlier this month, Abby donned what appeared to be the same bikini in black and gold. The Instagram picture received over 33,000 likes. Unsurprisingly, the latest version is proving similarly popular. It had racked up over 21,000 likes within seven hours of being posted.Swim-centric as Abby is, her Instagram feed isn't exclusive to showcasing bikinis. Dowse switches her looks up with feminine lingerie pieces in pale pastels and whites, although she will up the ante. Jet blacks and suspenders have all been donned. Alongside thigh-high boots, the latter has become somewhat of a trademark for Abby.The girl behind the bikinis appears to come as a simple deal. Abby's bio announces the sun as making her "happy." Enough sun-drenched snaps on her feed confirm this. Precisely where Abby's poolside snaps are taken does, however, remain somewhat of a mystery. Mostly choosing to steer clear of geotags, Abby tends not to reveal her precise whereabouts. It doesn't seem to be affecting her following. Nearly 1.3 million individuals are now subscribing to this sensation's near-daily updates.

Fierce and arguably quite flawless, Abby's latest look is proving a hit. Over 600 fans have left comments on Abby's blue-and-gold bikini picture.

"Your body," one fan wrote.

Fans can keep up with Abby and her doll-like body by following her Instagram.