Britney Spears Is Reportedly 'In No State To Take Care Of Herself' Amid Mental Health Struggles

Britney Spears is allegedly "in no state to be able to take care of herself" right now, according to a recent report from Entertainment Tonight. The outlet claimed this week that the star is struggling with her mental health at the moment and had a pretty "difficult week" as her well-being and conservatorship with her dad Jamie Spears continues to hit the headlines.

According to an insider who spoke to ET about the singer amid the "#FreeBritney" campaign from fans to end her conservatorship, "getting through each day is a challenge" for the "Piece of Me" singer right now and getting back on stage and doing what she does best anytime in the near future is looking pretty unlikely.

"She is in no state to be able to take care of herself let alone to do live shows," the source claimed. "She needs to get the right combination of medication and therapy for more than just a 30-day stay in a facility for her to be able to function properly."

The site's insider then added that, right now, Britney is not really focused on performing again and is supposedly more focused on getting in control of her own affairs after being under a conservatorship that started more than a decade ago in 2008 that sees her dad make big decisions on her behalf.

"[Britney's] focus at the moment is having her autonomy," they then claimed.

The latest round of allegations come shortly after Spears' longtime manager told TMZ that there's a possibility the star may never perform again after she pulled the plug on her "Domination" residency shows in Las Vegas earlier this year, claiming at the time that she was focusing on her dad's health and would not be performing.

"It's clear to me she should not be going back to do this Vegas residency, not in the near future and possibly never again," he said earlier this week.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, this actually isn't the first time this week that it's been claimed that Britney is struggling right now.

People also claimed that the pop superstar is going through a difficult time and is struggling to get a handle on her emotions.

A source told the site earlier this week that Britney "is dealing with debilitating emotional issues" that those closest to her believe must be treated using medication.

They then added that it's allegedly "like she isn't in control over her emotions right now" and claimed that it's also "very scary when the meds are not working."

The latest round of reports come amid Britney seemingly returning to social media on May 16.

Spears' Instagram account was updated with a sultry video of the pop superstar showing off her toned body and her impressive best dance moves while dancing to the song "Scream" by Michael Jackson, though some fans suggested that the video may actually have been filmed a few weeks ago.

Spears' dancing clip has already been viewed close to 5 million times in the first 17 hours since it was shared on her account.