Snooki Admits Feeling 'Miserable' As Baby No. 3 Approaches

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is just weeks away from welcoming her third child. The Jersey Shore star has mostly been sending out smiles during her pregnancy – Snooki has been logging her growing baby bump via Instagram. A fresh report from E! News sees the 31-year-old admitting to some inner turmoil, however.

On May 16, the media outlet covered Snooki's latest It's Happening with Snooki and Joey podcast episode. Unsurprisingly, talk centered around Snooki's May 26-due baby boy. The star opened up about her latest doctor's visit.

"I just got back from the doctor's office, I'm so annoyed because I've been feeling cramps and I swear the baby's coming out."
The mother of two added that her physician had put the pregnancy at an estimated two more weeks. Snooki admitted to being frustrated by the news, per her words.
"So, I'm annoyed that I have to spend another couple weeks feeling this miserable. You have no idea."
Snooki's husband Jionni LaValle was also mentioned. Snooki said that both she and her spouse are keen for their new arrival to enter the world May 26. She added wanting to "really try and do everything," alongside having Jionni "there and switch things around." Together, the couple has two children, Lorenzo and Giovanna.While Snooki's third baby has yet to be born, he does have a name. As E! News reports, the couple has settled on Angelo. The choice likely stems from this Jersey-based star's Italian rearing. While Snooki herself is Chilean-born and adopted, her adoptive parents are Italian-American. The Italian influence has already manifested via the names chosen for Snooki's first two children.Once a party-centric 20-something with a perma-tan and a mostly risqué wardrobe, Snooki appears to have gone from wild child to responsible parenting authority. Her interview with Parents saw the magazine rephrase Jersey Shore's "GTL" (gym, tan laundry) motto – it now appears to be "giggles, toys, love." With family snaps filling Snooki's Instagram and little in the way of overdone makeup, this soon-to-be mother of three does appear to have changed.E! News further chronicles a previous interview from Snooki. She had called her third pregnancy "the worst." For this mother, running around two children while pregnant was leaving no time for "rest or sleep." Snooki made it clear that she wanted her third baby to arrive soon. She did, however, voice her excitement.

Snooki currently features on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Fans wishing to stay up-to-date on Snooki's baby news can follow her on Instagram.