May 16, 2019
Daily Dose Of 'General Hospital': Kim And Drew Agree On What To Do With Oscar's Ashes

On Thursday's General Hospital, Kim and Drew were still grieving their son's death. Oscar's passing was still very fresh, but his parents were already taking on the task of going through his personal belongings together. They were both crushed and feeling the heavy loss.

Drew helped Kim go through some boxes of Oscar's, which were leaving her very emotional. Drew was fearful of Kim moving away after reading a note from a realtor that she got in the mail. He was relieved when she said that she had no intention on moving away, at least for now. Drew told her that he liked having her in his life.

According to General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central, there will be a couple who ends up falling in love due to their grieving hearts. This will be a little bit down the road and it doesn't state any names as to who it will be.

The most likely couple will be Kim and Drew, who will be closer than ever as they grieve their son. There may have even been a hint of a possible romance in the future after Thursday's show. Julian stopped by for a visit to see how Kim is doing. Despite there being a bit of tension between he and Drew, the men managed to make it all about Oscar. Drew had found a Kilimanjaro poster that Oscar had gotten, as he was excited to make the trip with his dad before his cancer diagnosis.

Julian spotted it and made mention that he and Oscar talked about Kilimanjaro. That's when Drew came up with the idea of taking Oscar's ashes up the mountain that he loved so much and scatter them so that he could sleep under the stars. Right away Kim told him that she will go with him. Julian agreed that it was a good idea.

This special trip would certainly open it up for Kim and Drew to become close and possibly fall in love all over again. They have already spent more time together than usual. This would also fulfill Oscar's wish that his parents would get back together again.

The other possible couple that could fall in love after this tragic loss would be Josslyn and Cameron. The teens are both grieving, and Cam has always been a shoulder for Joss to cry on throughout Oscar's health crisis.

While Julian has been there for Kim through her son's death, he does seem to sense that there is something special between her and Drew. If the spoiler is about those two falling in love, that would leave Julian open to getting back with Alexis eventually.

Keep watching General Hospital in the coming weeks to see Kim and Drew scatter Oscar's ashes together.