WWE News: Ric Flair Has Not Died Or Been Declared 'Brain Dead' After Hospitalization

Early on Thursday morning, WWE and wrestling legend Ric Flair ended up in the hospital, and there have been a number of different stories regarding the truth. The Inquisitr did report earlier that Flair was rushed to the ER due to what was being called a "medical emergency" and something "very serious." Now, there are reports going around that the former World Champion is either dead or "brain dead," and neither has been proven to be true.

As soon as the news broke that Flair was going to the hospital, a lot of different rumors started flying and there was a good bit of misinformation. The situation on Thursday morning was originally said to be "very serious," but then, there were accounts coming out that Flair went in for a planned surgery.

As is usually the case with social media, a number of false reports end up being created and passed around before people seek the truth. Some posts on Twitter and Facebook state that Ric Flair died, but those most certainly aren't true.

One article from a website called LFR Solutions reported that Flair was actually declared "brain dead" after his trip to the hospital. That article has been passed around and shared quite often, but it is absolutely and positively not true.

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The article from LFR Solutions stated that Flair had been declared brain dead according to multiple reports. While the site never actually says what sites said that, they reported that "sources have now said that the wrestling legend is no longer functioning although his other organs are still working at this time. Ric Flair is still on a breathing machine until his family gives permission to disconnect him but as of now, he is declared brain dead, thus legally dead."

A number of things actually end up proving this to be false as TMZ updated their article on Thursday afternoon with Flair's wife, Wendy Barlow, saying she expects him to make a "full recovery." Some ongoing health complications are what led to his trip to the hospital and things are going well.

One other thing is that written in very small print on every single page of LFR Solutions is a disclaimer revealing their stories aren't true at all.

"The stories posted on LFRsolutions.com are for entertainment purposes only. The stories may mimic articles found in the headlines, but rest assured they are purely satirical."
Ric Flair is a true wrestling legend, but the former WWE superstar is not dead or brain dead despite being rushed to the hospital on Thursday. Fake reports are flying around regarding his health, but many of them are totally inaccurate. Flair is still expected to attend Starrcast II next weekend in Las Vegas.