Indianapolis Teen’s 10 Mile Hike For A Job Interview ‘Facebook’ Post Goes Viral

Jhaqueil Reagan’s 10-mile hike in the snow to a minimum wage job interview has touched the hearts of hundreds of thousands of online readers. Papa Roux Po Boys and Cajun Food owner Art Bouvier spotted the 18-year-old during his trek through the snow and ice in Indianapolis last week.

Reagan stopped to ask Bouvier, also known as Papa, if he knew how far away the address he needed to reach was from the New Orleans inspired restaurant.

Bouvier told the young man that he had about six or seven miles to go. Papa thought the young man might ask for some money for a bus ride – but he did not.

When retelling the story on his Facebook page, Art Bouvier said the teenager just thanked him and continued on. About 15 minutes later, Papa saw the teenager still walking and asked his wife to pull the car over.

When chatting with Reagan he found out that the young man intended to walk the full 10 miles to get to his job interview. Jhaqueil stated he would not have enough money for a bus pass until he got the job, The Blaze notes.

Art Bouvier had this to say about the encounter during an interview with Fox 59 News:

“I’m thinking to myself, here’s a kid walking almost 10 miles in ice and slush and snow for the hope of a job at minimum wage. That’s the kind of story your parents used to tell, my parents used to tell, uphill both ways in the snow. It’s been awhile since I’ve met someone so young with a work ethic like that.”

jhaqueil Reagan

The Papa Roux Po Boys and Cajun Food restaurant owner told Reagan to keep his job interview, but gave him the shop’s phone number so they could talk about a job at the restaurant. Despite the fact that Papa did not know if he had enough work to justify hiring another employee, he told the young man he would double whatever the other place offered him.

indianapolis teen art bouvier

When Jhaqueil Reagan got back in touch with him he said that the interview went well, but the position had already been filled. The excited teenager feels very lucky to have met Art Bouvier. Reagan was forced to quit high school and get a GED two years ago after his mother died –he was needed at home to care for his siblings. Reagan has developed quite a Facebook following now, and IndyGo gave him a one-year bus pass to help get him to work.

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