May 16, 2019
Johnny Galecki Reportedly Excited About 'Big Bang Theory' Ending, Wants To Return To 'The Conners'

Johnny Galecki is reportedly excited about the end of The Big Bang Theory. The long-running comedy series will end its 12-year run on Thursday night, but the actor is allegedly ready for what the future holds.

According to Hollywood Life, Johnny Galecki is glad to be getting a break from The Big Bang Theory. The actor has been working on the show for over a decade, and allegedly believes that having a bit of a break would be nice, especially since he and his girlfriend, Alaina Meyer, recently announced that they are expecting their first child together.

An insider reveals that while Johnny is sad to say goodbye to the show, much like the rest of his fellow cast members, he is also relieved that he'll be able to get a break.

"He's been joking with friends that he's going on a deserted island for awhile to relax and unplug for awhile. He even expressed that he's not sure what he'll do with the free time that's going to happen with the show wrapped and waiting for the baby to come," said the insider.

As far as Galecki's future in TV, the actor is reportedly on board to make more frequent appearances on the Roseanne spin-off, The Conners.

Sources claim that Johnny doesn't want to be named a series regular on the show, but that he would like to be a part of whatever direction the show is taking for Season 2, which recently got a big extended episode order.

The insider goes on to reveal that Galecki thinks of his time on Roseanne fondly, and considers the cast members part of his family.

"He always has a part of his character David Healy in him at all times and he only has a great time on that set. It's an important part of his life that he will be happy to continue on his own pace, the source dished, revealing that all the cast has to do is ask and he'll show up ready to work.

As for the end of The Big Bang Theory, it seems that Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, and the rest of the cast were on board for Season 13, but Jim Parsons, who plays the role of Sheldon Cooper on the series, outright revealed that he was done with the comedy, claiming he wanted to move on to other projects.

Fans can catch Johnny Galecki and company in the final episode of The Big Bang Theory, which airs Thursday night at 8 p.m. on CBS.