Chase Carter Bares Booty In Garter Belt & Sheer Top On Instagram

Chase Carter was photographed by Gilles Bensimon for Maxim Magazine, and there's a sneak peek of the shoot available on Instagram. The photo showed Carter wearing an all-black ensemble. It included a sheer shirt with a low plunge neckline. The model wore a black jacket on top along with sheer stockings with lace accents and a garter belt. She wore her hair up and was photographed from a lower angle to accentuate her curves. At the time the shot was taken. Chase had been placing her left foot by her right knee and appeared to be playing with her hair with her right hand.

Meanwhile, the model is keeping her 444,000 Instagram fans updated on her daily events. Chase's newest post shows her in a white outfit, consisting of a white bralette and high-waisted vinyl skirt with a slit up her left leg. The first portion of the update was a photo of her standing in an elaborate and luxurious room. She stood on a brightly-colored carpet with floral designs, with the ceilings nowhere in sight. Large archways could be spotted on either side behind her. The model wore her hair down in a middle part and held a black clutch in her right hand.

Another recent post showed her posing in a black lace bra and denim jeans. The model accessorized with black aviator sunglasses while tugging at the bra straps. Chase was photographed laying down as she arched her back for the camera.

In other news, Chase also opened up to Maxim Magazine about her life and career.

"As soon as I get up, no pun intended, I watch [ESPN's] Get Up!, and I watch Stephen A. Smith, because his opinions are so outrageous and unfiltered. I watch every game I can. My main interests are basketball and football, and I'm getting more interested in baseball now."
She was also asked about the rumors that she's involved with New York Yankees' Giancarlo Stanton, but she only said that she wouldn't comment on the subject. So if there's anything there, fans will just need to wait to hear about it. Or perhaps it's just another rumor with no basis in fact.

Carter also opened up about what it was like to grow up in the Bahamas, noting that it's slow-paced.

"It's really close-knit, and I thought that was how the whole world worked. Everyone's your cousin, or everyone is a relative of some sort. You go to the grocery store and you bump into all of your friends' parents."