Duchess Meghan And Prince Harry Reportedly Plan To Bring Royal Baby Archie To Los Angeles

Even though he just got here, royal baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor has already made history as the first biracial baby and half-American to be born into the House Of Windsor. So it's easy to imagine that his childhood might be a bit different than his royal cousins, George, Charlotte, and Louis. Unlike them, Archie has relatives in the United States and there are reports that his mom, Meghan Markle, plans to take him to Los Angeles to teach him about his American roots.

"For Meghan, it's just as important for Archie to learn about her family history as it is for him to learn about his royal ancestors, so she plans to go on a trip to L.A. with him once she's comfortable taking him on a plane," a source said to Us Weekly.

Archie's life has already been a lot different from the other royal children. He was not presented to the world's media hours after Meghan Markle gave birth. Instead, his parents did a photo call at Windsor Castle days later.

"Meghan likes to do things her way," the source added. "She's a very strong woman who wants to use her role to modernize the monarchy, which is one of the reasons she and Harry decided to reject a title for Archie. [She and Prince Harry] want their son to lead a normal life."

As Vanity Fair reports the Duke and Duchess Of Sussex have delayed a tour of North America to 2020. According to the article, the tour was originally planned for late 2019, but the new parents decided to delay it to next year because of baby Archie. The tour would see them visit various locations in the United States and Canada.

"As it stands, the Duchess of Sussex won't be going away on an official overseas tour this year," a source told Vanity Fair.

Fans will likely next see the baby Archie and his parents when he's christened.

According to The Daily Express, royal children are normally christened when they're about 3- to 6-months-old, although Kate Middleton and Prince William christened their kids when they were 2-months-old. Whatever the family decides, Buckingham Palace will confirm the date to the press

So royal watchers will have to wait a while before they see the newest member of the House of Windsor again, but given the outpouring of attention he received on his first outing, it will probably be worth the wait.