Emily Ratajkowski Flaunts Famous Booty In Only A Thong Bikini Bottom On Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski is busy making a political statement on her personal Instagram page, but also shared a new sultry photo to promote her Inamorata Woman's swimwear line. The photo showed Emily posing with her back facing the camera as she sported only a thong bottom. The purpose of the post was to promote the new color that's available, called "Nutria."

The model held a giant tropical leaf over her right shoulder, which added an interesting focal point for the image. Emily also looked over the shoulder at the camera, wearing her hair down and giving a slight pout. The leaf fell by her bikini bottom, while she censored herself with her hand placement.

Meanwhile, her personal feed has been filled with a new vibe thanks to a photoshoot she did for Inamorata Woman. The photoshoot had a retro slant, with Emrata rocking a new hairstyle. Her second new update showed her getting makeup done for the shoot. It was a short GIF that zoomed into her glam look. It included very shimmery hot-pink eyeshadow, along with a glossy red lip. The makeup artist was working on her lips for the video, too. Fans seemed to have loved it as it's been viewed over 925,000 times in the past 22 hours.

Ratajkowski also posted another selfie video three days ago on Instagram. It showed her in a wavy hairstyle as she gave sultry looks to the camera. Her lips were done in a nude tone, and her eyeliner was super dark.

In other news, Emily previously gave an interview to PopSugar about how she views self-confidence and whether she struggled with self-confidence growing up.

"I just turned 27. You realize that your mortality is imminent... But the other part of me is like, it's so cool to be a woman and not take as much sh*t and know what I like and don't like — and have opinions and don't feel embarrassed about them. In that sense, I think I've gotten more confident. I also weirdly think that being in this very strange, unique position of having the world watch your life and what you wear and judge you so harshly has made me have to let go of a lot of those pressures."
She also noted that the challenge was definitely there as a young girl, saying that she felt "very confused" and "constantly embarrassed" of herself. Perhaps those struggles explain why Emily has so much self-confidence now and doesn't worry about other's opinions when expressing her sexuality.