Bella Thorne Rocks A Pink Bikini On Instagram

Bella Thorne shared a new Instagram photo with her fans, and unlike her usual lighthearted content, this one is different. While the photo itself may seem casual, as it showed her in a pink bikini laying on the grass, the caption was anything but. The actress spoke out against the abortion ruling in Alabama, which has prompted many other celebrities to also do the same. The post has garnered over 180,000 likes by fans in the past hour.

The abortion ban is supposedly now one of the most restrictive in the United States, as it bans abortions even in cases of incest or rape, noted The Inquisitr.

For now, fans can keep an eye on Bella's Instagram Stories for updates on how she's feeling about the ban. She shared a series of video recordings reflecting on the news and expressed her opinions on the matter considering her difficult history.

In other news, Bella also shared a more lighthearted bikini video on Instagram several days ago. She wore a dark green bikini, gave sultry looks, and made a couple of poses for the camera. She sported a cross necklace along with multiple necklaces and bracelets. The music it was set to was NSFW.

Previously, Bella opened up for an in-depth interview with ABC News about her goals and mission in life.
"I feel like so many people would end up in healthier places if they felt like they actually had someone that's going to sit there and just listen to them. … Which is why I use my social media to talk about being dyslexic, to talk about, you know, other things from the past, to talk about basically anything. Any time you're creating debate, I think, is the best way to start any revolution."
And with over 19.4 million followers, Bella has a strong fan base that loves to stay updated with all of her latest news.

"People look at me now and they're still like, 'Please be that girl. Please be the girl with the long, nice, red hair that's blown out,'" she noted, talking about the challenges of having acted in Disney Channel's Shake It Up.

Whatever Bella's perceptions may be, it wouldn't seem that her true personality is just like her TV character. In fact, Thorne's social media feed has risqué photos, many videos, and updates about her accomplishments. Plus, she'll sometimes promote her Thorne by Bella makeup line with professional shots.