May 16, 2019
WWE Rumors: The Real Reason Braun Strowman Was Pulled From 'Money In The Bank'

Most WWE fans thought that Sunday's Money in the Bank pay-per-view was set, confirmed, and locked in place. However, this is WWE, and the world of professional wrestling is inconstant and unpredictable.

Nothing is ever certain, and the two scheduled ladder matches for the upcoming pay-per-view have seen major changes this week. Braun Strowman was removed from the men's match, and Sami Zayn won a contest on Monday Night Raw to replace him. Some rumors were flying around that the "Monster Among Men" was injured, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

On Raw, Zayn and Strowman faced off in the main event, which led to Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin interfering. They helped tire out Strowman, an act which allowed Zayn to pick up the victory -- and to take his spot in Sunday night's huge match.

With a future shot at a WWE World Title on the line, the superstars are going to take every single advantage they can get. Still, the question remains -- why exactly was Strowman pulled from the pay-per-view, anyway?

After the change was made on Monday, reports started flying around that Strowman had been working while injured, and needed the time off. The Inquisitr even reported that Vince McMahon was angry with Strowman -- and that Strowman being replaced was somewhat of a punishment.

It seems as if neither of those claims is the reason behind the switch, and new reports suggest that the replacement angle has been WWE's intention all along.

Braun Strowman lays in a heap after being attacked.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of IW Nerd, is saying that Strowman is not injured at all, and does not need time off. Sami Zayn replacing him in the Men's Ladder Match at Money in the Bank is what WWE had planned on doing during their scheduled storyline.

Strowman is expected to appear at the pay-per-view this Sunday, and will likely play a key role in that same match. It is possible that he could interfere and help one of the babyfaces, helping Ali, Finn Balor, or Ricochet get the victory.

This would make a lot of sense, as the three guys -- Zayn, McIntyre, and Corbin -- who helped to take Strowman out of the men's ladder match are all participants in it.

There has not been a lot of notable creative direction for Strowman in the last few months, but this could be one way of setting up a future feud for the big man. WWE has storylines and angles in place which they are working through, and it appears as if some big ones may play out at Money in the Bank.