May 16, 2019
WWE News: Rusev Shares The Touching Words The Undertaker Told Him After Their Match

In less than a month, WWE will return to Saudi Arabia for the Super ShowDown -- their third event in less than two years to take place there. Their first event held in Saudi Arabia, last year, was the Greatest Royal Rumble in April. That event had a Casket Match on the card, one that saw The Undertaker take on Rusev. After it was over, the legendary "Deadman" was victorious, but Rusev said the message relayed to him by the icon may have meant even more.

The Undertaker is obviously nearing the end of his in-ring wrestling career, and that is to be expected. He's going on three decades in the profession, and a person's body can only take so much physical damage before it becomes too much to bear. A grueling travel schedule also takes its toll on professional wrestlers at the top level.

Rusev is younger, but he has certainly made a name for himself over the years in WWE. Many fans would like to see more of him, and see him get a bigger push. However, such fans can only do so much for the Bulgarian "Brute" who entertains them on SmackDown Live.

The Undertaker took on Rusev at last year's

Rusev recently did an interview with Express, one whereim he said that it was "fun working with" The Undertaker. Rusev went on to say that he's had the chance to work with The Undertaker, Triple H, and Hulk Hogan -- a reality which is huge for him, as he was a fan of them as he grew up.

After the match was over, Rusev said it was great talking with The Undertaker and getting to "pick his brains" about the match -- and his own overall in-ring talents. Rusev took the opportunity to express that this conversation between himself and The Undertaker was a great opportunity. The words that Taker said to Rusev, though, stood out in his mind -- and have reportedly stuck with him for more than a year.

"He told me that I'm really good. I'm not even messing around. He told me I'm really good," Rusev said to interviewers.

It's not yet known if Rusev will be on the card for the WWE Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia, but there is a 50-man battle royal -- which opens up plenty of spots. The Undertaker last wrestled at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia last November, and he will face a returning Bill Goldberg next month at Super ShowDown, per The Inquisitr.