Rachel Bush, Wife Of NFL Star Jordan Poyer, Flaunts Killer Curves In Flirty Instagram Videos

Instagram vixen Rachel Bush has been flaunting her figure in some barely-there bikinis lately, and her latest post carries on with that trend. In this case, however, Bush is teasing her followers with some flirty videos, and it looks like people are going wild over these.

This new post that Rachel shared on Thursday is designed to be a hot one, and Bush was definitely successful on that front. The Maxim model, who is also the wife of NFL player Jordan Poyer, noted that she had come across a song that reminded her of great times. It seems she couldn't resist recording a short video to highlight her happiness for her followers.

There are two short videos in this latest Instagram post and as is often the case with what this popular influencer shares, Rachel is wearing a revealing bikini. Bush's long dark hair cascades in waves over her shoulders, and she's gone glam with long, polished nails and her signature "RB" initial necklace.

Bush kept her makeup look light and fresh in these clips, choosing a pale pink lip color. Rachel wore a blue-and-white string bikini that showed off plenty of cleavage along with her notorious curves.

The first video is a close up of the Maxim model. Rachel primps for the camera, blowing a kiss, sharing a sexy wink, and doing a sultry hair flip. In the second clip, Bush is sitting back and upright, giving her followers a better view of her bikini and her insane figure. She does a sexy shimmy as she sings along with the song, and this post sparked an immediate flurry of likes and comments.

As was previously detailed by The Inquisitr, Rachel recently crossed the 1-million follower mark on Instagram. In this newest post, within just an hour of being live, nearly 8,000 fans showed their love for it.

It was clear in looking through the comments that the song that made Rachel feel happy and anxious to share was successful in making Bush's followers happy, too. The 21-year-old model also shared a peek of this sexy look via her Instagram Stories, and it looks like her fans had been anxious and wanting more.

What prompted these sultry videos of Rachel's? In part, it looks as if perhaps she was embracing some lighthearted moments after a bit of drama on Twitter. Bush had received a pretty ugly tweet from someone, and she called out the poster, seemingly blocked her, and moved on to her sexy bikini dance.

Rachel Bush's Instagram page has no shortage of sexy posts on it and her 1 million followers never tire of seeing them. This latest video post seems to capture the Maxim model's most flirtatious moves, and it looks well on its way to becoming a favorite of her fans.