May 16, 2019
Thursday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Kristina Voices Concerns To Molly About Shiloh, Sam, And Dawn Of Day

The relationship between Kristina and Molly has been strained for the past few months. It will probably take a lot of work to fully repair the relationship between these two sisters, but General Hospital spoilers hint that the two may be successful in finding common ground during Thursday's show.

Kristina initially resisted letting go of Shiloh and Dawn of Day, but hearing from Willow seemed to be the nudge she needed to return to her old life. As viewers saw a while back, Molly and Krissy ended up in a major feud after Molly flat-out said that Dawn of Day was a cult. Thursday's show will be a chance for these two to reconnect.

Molly wasn't looped in on Sonny's plan to extract Kristina from DoD, and neither Davis gal realizes that Sam is pretending to embrace Shiloh and Dawn of Day for the sake of bringing him down. General Hospital spoilers suggest that the fact that neither Molly nor Kristina knows about Sam's plan may be is what brings them back together again.

The Twitter sneak peek shows that the two ladies will connect during Thursday's show, and Kristina will talk about how "she" doesn't realize that Shiloh is a predator. It seems virtually guaranteed that the "she" in this conversation is Sam, and it won't take twisting Molly's arm to get her to agree on this take. The two will surely worry about how to get Sam away from Shiloh -- but as viewers know, Sam already is working on a plan.

The Inquisitr noted that, during Thursday's show, Sam will take another step forward in her plans regarding Dawn of Day. She'll recruit Spinelli to arrange to videotape the initiation with Shiloh, and it sounds as if she'll be insistent that she's going through with this.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps signal that this Dawn of Day storyline could take some interesting turns in the days ahead. It's not clear yet how far Sam will go on her end, but this plan may create some major problems.

As Sam pursues that track, General Hospital spoilers detail that Molly may use a different strategy. She will soon approach Peter with an idea of some sort, and Peter will share this suggestion with Maxie. It's not known for certain that this arc involves Dawn of Day, but it seems to be a definite possibility.

Kristina will confront her sister Sam next week, and General Hospital spoilers reveal that at the end of the upcoming week, Sam will be helpless in some way. It's not known yet how Shiloh will be eliminated as a threat in Port Charles, but if something untoward does happen to him, the PCPD will have a lot of suspects to consider.

Will Kristina and Molly figure out what Sam is up to with Shiloh? General Hospital spoilers tease that there are intense moments of drama on the way as Shiloh's reach continues to shake things up throughout Port Charles.