Bella Thorne Strips Down To Lingerie, Makes Out With Gigi Gorgeous In Lesbian Video

Bella Thorne is back in the news. The 21-year-old actress features in Steve Aoki's latest "Do Not Disturb" track – the May 15-released music video itself is causing quite a disturbance.

The video shows Thorne in low-lit settings that Hollywood Life has called "trippy" and "super sexy." The media outlet wasn't wrong. With out-of-focus lighting, dawn skylines, and a motel-like setting of fluorescent lights, the aesthetics are as enticing as the music. Bella features heavily in the video. She's seen alone and with Canadian YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous.

The video wastes no time in upping the ante. Bella's black sheer outfit comes right off, and the lingerie underneath it gets a full display. Likewise raunchy is Bella and Gigi's makeout session. The redhead and blonde are seen getting cozy as Bella straddles Gigi in front of a mirror. The girls eventually kiss before Bella is pushed onto a bed by Gigi. Thorne licks her lips, looks at her partner and eventually disappears from sight as Gigi climbs on top of her. Scenes portraying Gigi and Bella taking a candle-lit bath add further atmosphere. Aoki is in the video, as are other unidentified individuals.

Racy as Bella is known to be, her "Do Not Disturb" feature likely ranks as one of her raunchiest appearances.

As an actress, singer, author, and social media sensation, Thorne is now an icon. Her porcelain skin and fiery red hair have become a trademark look – likewise, Bella's nose piercing. The Midnight Sun actress doesn't just make headlines on account of her appearance, though. Earlier this year, People reported Bella being in an "open relationship" with rapper, Mod Sun and YouTuber, Tana Mongeau.Things move quickly with Bella, though. As The Inquisitr reported last week, Bella's single status has been getting fans talking. While Thorne maintains that she isn't dating Mongeau anymore, joint pictures posted to both girls' Instagram accounts generated a lot of questions. Bella is no longer dating Mod Sun, per The Daily Mail.Bella's relationships may make headlines, but this quirky A-Lister equally proves a talking point as a result of her social media updates. Bikini-clad videos from Bella frequently show the star with unshaven armpits. They also come cleavage-flaunting. Ultimately, though, they come with this girl's trademark free spirit and love of the outdoors.

Bella has 19.4 million Instagram followers. Her bio currently announces Steve Aoki's new music video with a direct link to YouTube. The past 24 hours have also seen Bella share clips of it to her Instagram. Suffice to say, Bella and her lesbian antics are giving fans a lot to look at of late.