Diane Blankenship Blonde School Mom Arrested For Backseat Car Sex With Boy In Tampa, Florida

Diane Blankenship, aka Diane Marie Blankenship, an attractive blonde, school worker is under arrest in Tampa, Florida after being accused of sexing up two underage students. Diane Blankenship, a school clerical worker in the Dayspring Academy charter school was taken into custody on Friday night at her home. She is currently being held at the Land O'Lakes jail on $100,000 bond, according to The Tampa Bay Times.

Thus far, not much is known about the pending case. What is known is that the Pasco County Sheriff arrested Diane Blankenship at her home located at 7700 Cypress Trace Court in New Port Richey, Florida, and booked her on charges of lewd and lascivious battery and unlawful sexual activity, according to Daily Mail.

Local police authorities say they learned that 45-year old Diane Marie Blankenship, formerly Diane Marie Sanders, had sex in the backseat of a car while the boy's friend drove them around. The victim in that case was just 14 years old. The other victim is a 17-year old boy with whom Blankenship frequently had sex before school---at least one of those times was in the victim's home.

Law enforcement officials in Tampa are investigating whether or not there are more underage boys that have had sex with Diane Blankenship. The two boys at the center of the sex case are not students at the Dayspring Academy, where Blankenship was employed.

With the frequent and recent arrests of pretty blonde teachers/mothers who are engaging in sex romps with underage baby-faced boys, many question what is behind this seemingly new trend. Some say there is no new trend.

"People think this is new to the seen. It's been going on for years at all schools. Social media and cell phones is what gets you caught. Back in my day there was no evidence and you kept your mouth shut as a teen to keep it going. Technology is screwing these kids."
Many adult males see no problem with a teenaged boy having sex with a pretty older woman---in fact, many consider it a privilege, prompting some men to comment that they wish the were "14 again," or "she's blond and hot, what's the problem," some say.
"Reminds me of when I was 14 the good ol days!"
However many responsible parents and adults are outraged by the charges and wonder what an sexually inexperienced child can do for a full grown sexually experienced woman. For many women, it is about the power and control over the inexperienced youth. It's the child's innocence and vulnerability that attracts these bored housewives.
"What the hell is going on in this world??""Why these ladies cannot locate an adult male???""Ew wtf? Whats happening to the world!???? Disgusted."

"Another....Mary Kay Letourneau; SICK""Get someone your own age. No perverts better not ever touch my kids.""What in the world can a barely pubescent 14 year old do for a grown woman? So absolutely sick.""Nasty bitch lock her up for life."

The Diane Blankenship odd news sex case is similar to the case of Iris Gibney, a sexy lingerie wearing cheer mom who was booked for having sex with a boy inside a truck at a public park.

The most recent public record shows that Diane Blankenship is currently married with at least two children. Friends and family members of the man listed as her husband are rallying around him to offer support during this difficult time.
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