May 16, 2019
Wendy Williams Breaks Into Tears While Talking About Life After Divorce

Wendy Williams is starting over. The talk show host broke into tears this week as she talked about her fresh start in front of the cameras.

According to Pop Culture, Wendy Williams opened up about her new single life during the live taping of her show on Thursday, May 16.

"You know you all…I've got a whole new life going on," she told her fans.

Wendy then told the audience that she had a special moment recently while out with her son, Kevin Jr., 18.

"You know the music in the restaurant was playing and we were doing it to the music! Everybody was so embarrassed, in a fun way! You know what I mean?" Williams stated.

"My son looks at me like, 'Look at mommy have fun.' And I'm like, 'Look at my boy over there. Looking at his mom have fun.' Just saying. I'm just saying. I'm not complaining or anything like that, I'm just saying. It's just, like, nice," Wendy told her audience through tears.

In addition, Williams admitted that while she's not getting serious with anyone, she has been dating a lot since splitting with her husband, Kevin Hunter, last month.

"I'm reclaiming my life. I don't have a boyfriend, but I do date pretty often," Wendy confirmed.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Wendy Williams' estranged husband, Kevin Hunter, is reportedly furious that she has been discussing their divorce on her talk show.

Sources tell Hollywood Life that Wendy promised Kevin that she would not use their split as a hot topic on her show. However, those close to the couple reportedly don't have sympathy for his situation since it was Hunter that allegedly caused the end of the marriage with his infidelity.

The insider added that Kevin is so worried about what Wendy may say about him on her show that he's considering trying to find a way to block her from speaking about their relationship and divorce in public.

However, since Williams isn't using Hunter's name, sources claim that there may not be much that he can do about the situation.

In addition, HL reports that Wendy likely won't give away too many details as she's considering writing a tell-all book about her marriage and divorce from Kevin in the future.

Sources say that Wendy Williams doesn't want to give away too many details in case she wants to spill them inside the pages of a possible memoir.