Jenelle Evans Might Not Get Kids Back For A Year Or More As She Heads To CPS Court

Jenelle Evans will appear in court today to make the case that she should have custody of her children, who were removed after her husband David Eason brutally killed their family dog. But the Teen Mom 2 star may be facing some seriously bad news. According to Radar Online, the couple might not be able to get unsupervised custody of their kids for a year or more.

According to legal experts, it's unlikely that the 27-year-old will get custody of her children today.

"Generally especially at first, the courts want to reunite the family so they try to get the parents to reform. If they go to parenting classes, anger management, etc., and try to improve their parental skills, the kids can be returned," an expert revealed.

This process can take a year or longer.

"Parental attitude is everything," the expert said. "The parents must cooperate and be sorry and work to improve themselves. If the parents don't take it seriously and don't do as directed, then the kids are seen only monitored and eventually taken away from them permanently."

Another legal expert told the news outlet that having children removed from a home is a difficult and uncommon occurrence. Most CPS departments are understaffed and overworked and removing children from their parents is an extreme step that is only taken when authorities believe that the children could be physically or emotionally harmed if they stay in their current circumstances.

Typically, CPS only investigates when they receive a report from neighbors, family members, or police, and they will look for signs of abuse or harm before deciding to remove the children.

In Evans' case, CPS decided that her children were in danger after Eason shot her French bulldog Nugget after the dog nipped at 2-year-old Ensley, the couple's daughter. Within days, CPS ordered Kaiser, the son belonging to Evans and her ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith, to be removed from the home.

A short while later, 9-year-old Jace was removed from the home and now lives with Jenelle's mother. Finally, Ensley, 2, and Maryssa, 11, were also removed from the home.

The couple's oldest child had been removed from their custody prior to Eason's attack on their dog, and CPS had already investigated the couple on several occasions. Experts say that Jenelle will need to get a serious lawyer who can help her make the case to get her kids back, but that likely won't be happening today.