'Barbie Doll' Abby Dowse Pops Out Of Sheer Black Lingerie

Abby Dowse has sent her 1.3 million Instagram followers another eye-popping update. The Australian model's May 16 snap comes in daring all-blacks, and it isn't holding back.

Today sees Abby shot against a white wall. Her tiny lingerie set is sheer-paneled and accessorized by a cropped upper in see-through netting. Much like her high-strung briefs and low-cut bra, Abby's top is black-piped. The model appears to have her focus on something in the distance, but determined thumbs are tugging at the outfit – it's almost as if Abby wants it noticed. A caption acknowledging today's Fashion Nova look confirms the concept.

Fans have been leaving their thoughts. One went straight for Dowse's dainty disposition, per their comment.

"What a doll"
A user appearing to be female sent out praise and admiration, per their words.
"Your body! Goals!"
There is, indeed, an impressive aspect of Abby's physique. This blue-eyed-blonde comes with impossibly long limbs, an unusually small waist, and an all-around tan that's frequently commented on. The girl behind the cleavage-flaunting snaps is also known for her chiseled bone structure, puckered lips, and angelic facial expressions. Today's update comes with a degree of provocation on the style front, but it retains this sensation's signature innocence.Abby's "Barbie doll" comparisons were first chronicled by The Inquisitr last month following fan comments. Use of the doll's name in the celebrity world isn't exclusive to Dowse, though. Queen rapper Nicki Minaj includes it in her Instagram bio. Nicki has also released "Barbie Dreams" as a track. With an arguably closer resemblance to the iconic doll than Minaj though, Abby is proving the lower-profile front-runner.Updates from Dowse mostly send fans this stunner's trademark lingerie or swimwear looks. Many come with outdoor and sun-drenched settings. Given that Abby's bio announces the sun as making her "happy," they seem apt. They're contrasted by simple indoor shots in what appears to be this Australian's home. With her stylish throw rugs and decorative indoor plants, Abby appears as selective with her indoor furnishings as she is with her outfits. A quick glance through accounts Dowse follows confirms her eye for interior design – Abby follows a fair few furniture handles.Interestingly, Abby does not appear particularly interested in the celebrity Instagram world. While she follows fellow models, including Tarsha Whitmore and Taylor Mega, no major stars are followed. Abby seems to prefer a life revolving around her peers, affordable fashion, and furnishings.

Today's eye-catching snap had racked up over 14,000 likes within three hours of being posted. Over 400 comments were left. Fans can keep up with Abby by following her Instagram.