'Bachelorette' Hannah Brown Hits Morning Talk Shows, Faces Kelly Ripa After 'Live!' Host Ripped ABC Show

Hannah Brown is back from her journey filming The Bachelorette, and she has jumped right into doing a flurry of media appearances. Usually, the lead would do these ahead of the premiere or the day of and after that first episode. However, in this case, Hannah was still abroad and, in all likelihood, enjoying a few quiet days with her final rose recipient as her initial show aired.

Thursday morning, Hannah hit both Good Morning America and Live! With Kelly and Ryan. Doing the show with Ripa and Seacrest could have been pretty awkward, as Ripa made headlines this week for blasting the show. However, it looks as if both ladies managed to make this a fun interview.

First, Brown stopped by Good Morning America. The Bachelorette spoiler fans were anxious to see Hannah doing some interviews to try to gauge her happiness and see if she would share that she is engaged. As The Inquisitr detailed, even host Chris Harrison can admit that Hannah has no poker face, so if her season ended in disappointment or heartbreak, many fans suspect they could manage to sense it.

GMA shared the clip of their interview with Hannah via their Twitter page. Brown joked that her whole season is a bunch of "fence-jump moments," but she added she's been grateful for the opportunity despite all of the ups and downs.

Viewers got to see a sneak peek of an upcoming part of The Bachelorette during the GMA segment, and it ended with a cliffhanger. Hannah suggested that this will play out during Episode 2 airing on Monday, May 20, and it looks like she'll get pretty emotional over something that transpires.

After her GMA appearance, Hannah hopped over to join Kelly and Ryan on their show. Live! fans know that earlier this week, Ripa let it rip when she said that The Bachelorette disgusts her. The Inquisitr shared that Kelly talked about how she feels that ladies are too special and exceptional to be fighting over one guy as is the setup on The Bachelor.

Kelly has covered The Bachelor and The Bachelorette for years now, and she usually maintains a good balance of making fun of the show while still having a good time with the guests from the show. By the looks of things, she managed the same with Hannah Thursday morning.

During their initial chat at the beginning of Thursday's Live! show, Kelly and Ryan mentioned that Hannah would be making an appearance. However, they avoided all talk about the headlines Ripa's earlier comments generated. Once Brown emerged toward the end of Thursday's episode, she was all smiles and she gave both Ripa and Seacrest big hugs.

Ripa did joke about how she's not behind "this" at all, and she told Brown to blink if she needed saving. The Bachelorette star told everybody how she first got into all of this, explaining that a videographer from the Miss Alabama USA pageant submitted Hannah for Colton Underwood's Bachelor season.

Kelly said that she is very against women fighting for a guy, but she did acknowledge that as The Bachelorette, Hannah is in the "power position." Brown said that she gets what Ripa has been saying, but now that she's experienced it, her viewpoint is totally different. She says she grew as an individual and pushed herself during her time on The Bachelor, and she carried that over to her own season.

In terms of what she's looking for, Hannah said she doesn't play when it comes to liars. Brown admitted that "The Beast" showed herself more than once during filming as she put guys in their places as needed.

Unfortunately, Hannah didn't reveal anything remotely juicy in terms of whether she got engaged during her final rose ceremony. The Inquisitr has noted that according to gossip king Reality Steve, Brown's final two guys have been pinpointed, and everybody is anxiously waiting to hear spoilers beyond that.

Does Hannah Brown get her happy ending this spring on ABC's The Bachelorette 2019 season? Spoilers regarding the outcome should emerge soon and if nothing else, it sounds as if Brown had a pretty good time, and she seems incredibly happy now.