May 16, 2019
'Teen Mom 2' Star Leah Messer Shows Off Hot New Hair Color After Jeremy Calvert Romance Rumors

Fans of Teen Mom 2 are used to seeing mom-of-three Leah Messer with long blonde locks, but lately, she has had a light brown hair color. On Wednesday, though, the reality show star showed off a hot new hair color on Instagram as rumors that she and her ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, have rekindled their romance continue to swirl.

Leah posted a photo of her hot new hair color on Instagram, and it looks like she opted for a darker shade of brown this time. In the photo, Leah is wearing black jeans and a gold shirt as she smiles for the camera, showing off the new hair color. On Twitter, Leah revealed that she lives three hours from Louisville, Kentucky, where the hair salon that did her hair is located. It was definitely worth the drive, as Leah looks absolutely stunning.

Is her hair color the only thing that Leah is switching up, or is she also looking to change her relationship status? On the season finale of Teen Mom 2 which aired this week, Leah and her girls spent the night at her ex-husband's house. However, there wasn't anything romantic about the stay. Rather, Leah and her girls stayed at his house because it was closer to the hospital and she and Jeremy were concerned about their daughter's health. The parents had taken Addie to the emergency room in the episode and were waiting for her test results.

According to MTV News, Leah spoke to her sister about the encounter and explained that "nothing happened."
"I literally just got out of a breakup. We were doing the best thing for Addie in that moment… neither of us wanted to leave her… I was extremely impressed that [Jeremy] drove all the way from work and was concerned, and he stepped up."
Rumors that the two reunited also swirled a few weeks ago when both Leah and Jeremy were in New York for the filming of the Teen Mom 2 reunion. Leah posted a photo to Instagram showing her and Jeremy spending time together. The two looked adorable together and with the picture, Leah mentioned that she and Jeremy will "always be a team." Of course, Leah likely meant that the two will always be a team when it comes to co-parenting their daughter, but fans are wondering if perhaps there is something more there.

The Teen Mom 2 reunion will air Monday night on MTV.