'General Hospital' Spoilers: Spinelli Is Back To Help Sam And Jason

The General Hospital previews for Thursday's show revealed that a familiar face is returning to Port Charles once again. Damian Spinelli has been working behind the scenes with Sam and Jason on the Dawn of Day takedown. He will be beckoned by Sam to make it back to town to do one more thing that will hopefully catch Shiloh at his own game.

On Wednesday, Sam moved her plan forward. She is working with Jason to con the Dawn of Day leader in order to take him and his cult down for good. As spoilers from Soap Central indicated, she made Shiloh an offer that he didn't refuse. He is headed to the Nurses Ball with Sam. It's likely that her initiation into the cult will be that night and Sam will be ready, which is where Spinelli comes in.

The preview clip for Thursday's General Hospital has Jason and Sam meeting up with Spin. Sam lets him in on what she wants him to do in her next step to catch Shiloh. She wants Spinelli to record her initiation process. That way everything will be on tape to take to the police. Spin is definitely the one who can do the job.

Sam is sure to spill more details on how that can be accomplished. It's a risky move for Sam. The last time she refused the special tea that Shiloh offered her. They were just starting the tattoo when Jason burst in to stop it. He knocked Shiloh out. Sam gave him a different story to throw him off so Jason wouldn't get into trouble. Now she is expecting Jason to save her again once Shiloh does enough to get him put away for good.

However, things may go awry for Sam. General Hospital spoilers indicate that by the end of next week, Sam will be helpless. This could be because she has been drugged by Shiloh. Jason is also supposed to receive a frantic call for help. Will this actually be Sam who needs his assistance or someone else who distracts him from being there for her?

Either way, it looks like Sam may be in a pickle soon. She has indicated that she will go as far as it takes to get what she needs to put Shiloh away, even getting the Dawn of Day tattoo, and that final step with Shiloh.

Spinelli will be on hand to help Sam out. There are no details on how long he will be sticking around Port Charles. Since the General Hospital Nurses Ball is at hand, he could still be around for that.