'One Punch Man' Season 2, Episode 6 Spoilers: Saitama Vs. Suiryu Coming Soon, Genos Suffers Massive Defeat

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 6 started with the battle between Class-A Rank 19 hero Lightning Max and Suiryu, a four-time champion of the Super Fight tournament. Suiryu is very popular in the world of mixed martial arts because of his incredible power and undefeated record. Suiryu decided to join the tournament again with the hope of facing Garou, who previously participated and won the tournament as Wolfman.

Lightning Max felt intimidated by Suiryu's presence, but he still expressed strong confidence that he would be able to claim victory. Lightning Max warned Suiryu about using a move he specifically practiced to kill powerful monsters. Unfortunately, before his Lightning Big Wheel Double Ax Kick landed, Suiryu knocked him out with just one hit. Everyone in the arena was amazed by Suiryu's performance, except Saitama, making Sour Face think that it's because he's just an amateur.

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 6 revealed Genos' assessment of Suiryu. Though he's aware that Suiryu is yet to showcase his real power, Genos still doesn't see him approaching the level of his master, Saitama. However, Genos believes fighting Suiryu will give Saitama an idea of what mixed martial arts really is. Suiryu fought another Class-A hero, Biting Snake Fist Sneck. He managed to impress Suiryu with his moves, but he suffered the same fate as Lighting Max.

In the latest episode of One Punch Man, Saitama was given the opportunity to face one of the strongest contenders of the Super Fight 22 tournament, Bakuzan. Before they started the fight, Bakuzan explained to Saitama what would happen to his body when it's hit by his special techniques. Saitama lost his cool when Bakuzan touched his wig and sent him out of the ring with one punch.

Upon seeing Saitama, Suiryu already knew who he will be facing in the finals of Super Fight 22 tournament. Some of the contestants have shown incredible performances, but none of them seemed to be on the level of Suiryu and Saitama.

During the Super Fight 22 tournament, Genos received a call from the Hero Association, informing him about the presence of powerful monsters in the area. Genos headed to the monsters' location and did his best to immediately defeat them so he can watch his master fight. Unfortunately, Genos became the next Class-S hero who fell at the hands of the Monster Association.

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 6 also featured Class-S Rank 2 hero Tornado saving his little sister, Blizzard, from one of the monsters. On her way to her sister, Tornado already killed several enemies. Unfortunately, Tornado was unable to avenge her sister from the one who hurt her, since she used Blizzard's subordinates as shields to escape.