May 15, 2019
'The Young And The Restless' Actress Noemi Gonzalez Reveals Timeline For Mia's Departure

For a while now, The Young and the Restless viewers knew that actress Noemi Gonzalez and her character Mia Rosales would soon leave Genoa City. Today, the actress took to Twitter to reveal the timeline for Mia's departure.

The Rosales family came to Genoa City when Mal Young was Y&R's head writer. First came Arturo (Jason Canela), and he quickly became involved with Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) during a time when Victor (Eric Braeden) and Nikki decided to have an open relationship. Soon, Arturo was working for Nick (Joshua Morrow) on housing for the disadvantaged.

Later Arturo's sister Lola (Sasha Calle) and his brother Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) showed up in Genoa City -- Lola with her food truck and Rey to help Paul (Doug Davidson) investigate Victor Newman. Eventually, Rey's estranged wife Mia came to try to work on her marriage, but her attraction to Arturo got in the way. Even though Arturo got engaged to Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) despite having a past with Abby's step-mom, Mia and Arturo continued their affair, and Mia got pregnant.

When jealousy overcame her, Mia attacked Lola believing she was Abby, and Rey enlisted Arturo's help to cover it up. Eventually, Paul pieced the whole thing together, and Mia confessed before rushing to the hospital. Once Rey felt assured that Mia and her baby were fine, he demanded a paternity test, and those results will soon be available.

In a tweet, Gonzalez wrote, "What did we think of today's episode of Y&R?? A paternity test! One more episode & that's it for Mia in Genoa City!! Let me know what you think of the send-off!"

The actress's followers chimed in with plenty of well wishes and thoughts on Mia's impending departure.

One wrote, "I'm so sorry to see you leave. As much trouble as you were, every scene Mia was in was memorable. Every show needs a bad girl!"

Another said, "It's bittersweet you're fantastic character things are just getting juicy, and you're leaving. Noooooo please I'm going to miss mia she's such a fun and interesting character never boring and beautiful best wishes you truly are a rising star. It's CBS loss."

Man viewers believe that Mia's baby will be Arturo's, but some also think that there's a possibility that the lab will switch or mess up the tests leaving the door open for a return sometime in the future.

Arturo actor, Jason Canela is also exiting the show, according to The Inquisitr.