‘Eurovision Song Contest 2019: The Drinking Game Rules

Gina WetzlerGetty Images

Every year many people tune into the Eurovision Song Contest in order to watch countries battle it out as they do their very best to win the competition. Other viewers also tune is to use the contest, which is known to be over the top at times, as a drinking game.

There are usually some pretty generic rules that can be applied every year to the unofficial Eurovision drinking game. A contestant wears white? Drink. A wind machine, pyrotechnics, or key change noted? Drink.

However, from year to year, there are also some localized variants that develop.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, last year’s variants on the Eurovision Song Contest drinking game included instances where game players would have to drink when people winked at the camera, the inclusion of an obscure native instrument, and anyone who gave animal impressions. The last one mentioned, of course, refers to the winner of Eurovision 2018. Netta performed “Toy” for Israel, which had her replicating chicken noises during the song.

So, What Are This Year’s Rules?

According to SBS Australia, who is broadcasting the Eurovision Song Contest in Australia, the rules are as follows.

Firstly, some of the more generic rules listed by SBS Australia include instances of drinking being required if “the lights go dark suddenly and the music gets tense.” The classic power ballad is also a reason to drink as well as whenever someone hits a high note. In addition, they suggest Eurovision viewers drink if “the number of flowers on stage outnumbers the people.”

Other suggestions for the Eurovision Song Contest drinking game include drinking whenever a large piece of fabric waves across the stage, and if someone either sings in two languages during their performance or fake-plays an instrument.

SBS Australia also includes the following drinking game requirements that appear to be specific to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

  • Iceland’s 2019 BDSM art punks Hatari take the stage
  • A song features a key change
  • The commentators mention a repeat contestant
  • Someone mentions ABBA

While the Eurovision drinking game is usually played in good fun, the website suggests that those participating make sure they drink responsibly as well as keep hydrated during this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The website also suggests that participants have plenty of snacks on hand both prior to playing the Eurovision drinking game and during.

Eurovision runs from Tuesday, May 14, to Saturday, May 18. Viewers are advised to check their local TV guides for further information.