May 15, 2019
'One Piece' Episode 884 Spoilers: Disgusting Truth About 'Travelator,' Shirahoshi Meets Vivi And Rebecca

One Piece Episode 884, which is titled "I Miss Him! Vivi and Rebecca's Sentiments!," started with King Neptune, Princess Shirahoshi, and the three princes of the Ryugu Kingdom riding the Bondola on their way to the Holy Land Mary Geoise. King Stelly of the Goa Kingdom also joined the ride, not knowing that his brother Sabo was also there, disguised as one of their bodyguards.

After riding the Bondola, the World Leaders will need to climb the long staircase to reach the world's highest and biggest continent -- Holy Land Mary Geoise, where the Celestial Dragons live. King Stelly revealed that he's dreaming of becoming a Celestial Dragon and live at the Holy Land Mary Geoise. On their way to the location of the meeting, the nobles ride the "Travelator." The "Travelator" allows the ground to move, which makes it easier for people to reach a certain point at the Holy Land Mary Geoise without walking.

King Stelly was so amazed by the "Travelator," saying that he wanted to have the same technology at the Goa Kingdom. However, Prince Fukaboshi felt something strange about the "Travelator." He, King Neptune, and the two other princes decided to walk and let Princess Shirahoshi enjoy the view of the man-made forest. One Piece Episode 884 revealed the disgusting truth about the "Travelator." As shown in the latest episode, the "Travelator" is not being moved using advanced technology but by slaves, who are being forced to work until they die.

Upon reaching the castle, Princess Shirahoshi immediately caught the attention of the World Leaders, who approached her and offered their sons to be her husband. Since it's her first time attending the Reverie, Princess Shirahoshi doesn't have any clue how to act in front of the World Leaders. The Mermaid Princess rejected all her suitors, saying that none of them is her type. To prevent further conflict with other nations, the princes of Ryugu Kingdom decided to keep their sister away from the public's eye and advise her to be careful with her words.

One Piece Episode 884 featured the meeting of the three princess -- Shirahoshi, Vivi, and Rebecca -- who were saved by Monkey D. Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates. Leo decided to show himself to Vivi after hearing her talk about Luffy. Vivi and Rebecca remembered the time Luffy rescued their homelands from the hands of evil Warlords of the Sea like Crocodile and Donquixote Doflamingo.

Vivi and Rebecca were not aware that someone heard their conversation, Princess Shirahoshi. The Mermaid Princess appeared upon hearing Luffy's name despite being stopped by her brother. Prince Ryuboshi told Princess Shirahoshi that it's very dangerous to talk about Luffy at the Reverie. However, the three princesses quickly became comfortable with each other after learning that all of them are indebted to Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates.