May 15, 2019
Jenelle Evans' Husband David Eason Tossed Out of CPS Visit With Kids For Losing His Temper

The drama between Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason continues to mount, and this time it's their kids caught in the middle. According to Radar Online, Eason was forced out of a supervised visit with Child Protective Services after losing his temper.

Evans' and Eason's kids, Ensley, Kasier, and Maryssa, were taken away by CPS after Eason brutally killed the family dog, Nugget, in front of his family. This was the first meeting for Eason with his kids, but apparently, he couldn't keep his temper in check long enough to have a full visit with his family. According to one source, Ensley and Maryssa, who are staying with their grandma, Barbara Evans, were at the meeting. Evans' son Jace was also there. Kaiser, who is staying with Evans' former boyfriend Nathan Griffith, wasn't at the meeting.

"David was thrown out because he was arguing with the social workers," an insider revealed. "He was arguing with everybody."

"He was causing trouble," they added.

Eason apparently tried to put on a respectable face for the meeting. The source revealed that he had trimmed his beard and hair before seeing his kids.

Janelle lost custody of her children on May 13 after a judge signed off on a request to remove them from the home after Eason killed the dog. Now, each child has a court-appointed attorney. The mother of three was also fired from Teen Mom 2 after her husband's actions.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Kaiser was removed from Evans' custody while he was in daycare, leaving the reality star "heartbroken."

"With CPS getting involved, Jenelle feels heartbroken over the whole situation. She is doing everything in her power to get her kids back, and that is her focus and priority right now while the tension in her marriage with David is increasing," a source revealed.

Eason reportedly dragged Evans' French bulldog out into the woods near their home and shot it after the dog nipped at one of the children, and defended his actions, saying that the safety of his children was more important than any dog.

MTV released a statement saying that they wouldn't continue the show with Evans, and Eason had already been banned from filming in February 2018. That has created challenges for the show because they have been forced to stop filming when he shows up. Evans says that she won't leave her husband despite the incident with her dog and the troubles with filming.