May 15, 2019
Kelsey Merritt Flaunts Curves In Bikini On Instagram

Kelsey Merritt is in the running for this year's Sports Illustrated Rookie of the Year. And a new Instagram post by the publication showed all the models in the running, with her photo being the first one in the series. She has some tough competition, including Jasmine Sanders and cover girl Camille Kostek.

The photo showed Merritt in a revealing, tan-colored bikini. The color looks great against her tanned complexion, as she sat seductively in the shallow ocean waters. Her body faced the camera with her legs on the side, while she looked into the distance to her left. The model wore her hair down in loose waves. In addition, she placed her left hand on her leg and tugged at the bikini with her right.

Meanwhile, Kelsey is busy keeping her Instagram fans updated. Her newest photos include professional shots mixed with personal ones. This includes a photo she posted one day ago, which showed her posing alongside Conor Dwyer, her boyfriend. The two were photographed on their matching bikes, smiling for the camera. Merritt wore a black tank top and light denim, while Conor wore a white dress shirt. The two appear to have lots of fans, with many sending their love to the couple.

The model previously opened up to ABS-CBN about her modeling career thus far.
"The first was a regular casting – they took Polaroids of me in lingerie. Then I got a callback the day after. For the callback, they asked me to go on set with Victoria's Secret and do like a trial shoot with their whole team."
"I couldn't believe it. I still can't believe it. I've been modeling for almost six years now and this has been a goal of mine from the start. The competition is so tough here in New York. I could only dream of working with VS," she added.

And now, she has even more reasons to be excited with the newest edition of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition recently hitting the shelves. For many models, getting casted for jobs with Victoria's Secret or Sports Illustrated is a big deal, helping to accelerate their careers.

For now, it looks like Kelsey is busy sharing the newest sneak peeks from the magazine. It'll be interesting to see what else she has coming up for the rest of the month. For now, stay tuned to her Instagram to stay updated on her latest goings-on.