May 15, 2019
Disturbing Video Shows Woman Push Elderly Man Off Bus After He Asked Her To Be Polite, Leading To His Death

A disturbing video from Las Vegas shows the moment a woman shoved an elderly man out of a bus and face-first onto the hard pavement outside after he asked her to be more polite -- an action that led to the man's death.

Video of the shove has attracted viral attention this week after police released video in the hopes that witnesses might come forward. As NBC News reported, 25-year-old Cadesha Bishop was arrested for the incident on May 6 and charged with open murder on an elderly-vulnerable person. Her shove sent 74-year-old Serve Fournier flying past the steps of the bus and onto the hard ground, where he lay motionless afterward. He would die several weeks later as a result of the injuries he suffered in the fall.

The incident was captured on the bus' surveillance video, showing Fournier saying something to Bishop before turning and walking away to exit the bus. The woman is then seen giving the man a two-handed shove from behind, sending him flying past the bus doors.

A police report said that Bishop was being verbally confrontational with other people on the bus, and before he left Fournier requested that she "be nicer to passengers," the Las Vegas news station KSNV reported.

The report noted that Bishop later walked away from the scene with her young son, but was identified using the bus surveillance video and arrested earlier this month.

Serge Fournier was remembered by those close to him as a kind and deeply religious man.

"He was an excellent neighbor. Very nice, religious person," Trevor Taylor, who lived near the man, told KSNV.

Taylor noted that Fournier refused medical attention at the scene and returned home after the incident, but was overcome by pain a day or two later. The 74-year-old man called an ambulance and went to the hospital, where he would remain for nearly a month before dying of injuries related to the fall. It was not clear the man's exact cause of death, which was not specified in reports on the incident.

Fournier left behind a disabled wife who now faces a financial burden after his passing.

"I know it caused several financial problems for his wife," Ken Mallen, who knew Fournier, told KSNV.

Las Vegas police are hoping video of the incident will lead more witnesses from the bus to come forward. They did not say if the charges against Cadesha Bishop could be increased.