Bebe Rexha Describes Her Outfit: 'Professional On Top, Slutty On The Bottom'

Bebe Rexha has uploaded a photo of herself posing on a red carpet and has described her look in the caption before anyone else can make a remark.

The image was taken at the BMI Awards where her single "Meant To Be" featuring Florida Georgia Line won Most Played Pop Song of 2018, according to her caption. Another thing she wrote was how the look she was owning was her "kinda outfit." She described the top half as professional and the bottom bit as slutty. Rexha appears to be wearing a black blazer with a corset-style top underneath. Her chest and cleavage are on full show while she wears black see-through patterned pants for the bottom half which look like tights from the top. She accessorizes this look with multiple rings on her fingers. The "I'm A Mess" songstress pulled a fierce pose by staring deep into the camera lens as she put her hands on her hips.

Within six hours of uploading the image, it achieved over 217,000 likes and over 1,400 comments.

A couple of hours later, she posted a video to Instagram of her flaunting multiple poses on the carpet which showed off the outfit she wore a lot better, especially the bottom half which wasn't very visible in the image where she described the garment. In the clip, Rexha is smiling and blowing kisses, showing that she's really happy to be at the event.

"You can't photoshop a video," she wrote as her caption, letting her 8.2 million followers know that what you see is what you get.

The Inquisitr recently reported Bebe's interview for Nylon Magazine where she opened up about how she dates people based on their energy and not gender.

"If I want to make out with someone, I'll just make out with them. I don't care who you are. I'm big on energies," the "Say My Name" hitmaker expressed.

"I feel like everyone's scared of me, guys and girls…Because I like to say things, and they're scared I'm going to say something about them. Sometimes I get nervous, and I say stupid things. I'll come off really hard. Guys especially, they can't handle me. I break every guy. I feel like I always have to be—it's terrible to say 'the man' and 'the woman…Isn't it crazy how it's like, 'man,' 'woman.' I wish there were different terms for it."
On Twitter, Rexha has been teasing her fans about her second studio album, asking them what she should title it. Her latest single release, "Last Hurrah," has been streamed over 78 million times.