May 15, 2019
Andrew Cuomo's 'Sexy' JFK Hotel Comment Leads Some To Believe He's Newly Single

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sparked internet backlash after he claimed that he couldn't call the new JFK hotel "sexy" now that he's no longer living together with his longtime girlfriend, TV chef Sandra Lee. Per Splinter, he made the comment Wednesday at the ribbon-cutting ceremony marking the opening of JFK Airport's TWA terminal, which is set to become TWA Hotel.

Cuomo's joke was a reference to hotel developer Tyler Morse, who previously called the hotel "sexy." But the governor said that he couldn't make the comment anymore because people would question its gender and ask him how to "touch" it, according to the New York Post.

"Mr. Tyler Morse, I'm still trying to process this. You see, I cannot refer to a terminal as a 'sexy' terminal. That would then raise all sorts of follow-up questions. Is it a male terminal? Is it a female terminal? What is the sexual orientation of the terminal? How do you touch the terminal? It would be a hell of a complicated thing."
Cuomo was clearly trying to be funny, but social media users didn't have any of it and voiced their disgust. And although Cuomo's spokeswoman Dani Lever tried to downplay the remarks, they're part of a larger pattern of the governor making strange sexual remarks during public appearances.
During his debate with Republican challenger Marc Molinaro, Cuomo infamously asked CBS political reporter Marcia Kramer into the shower with him. And when Kramer asked Cuomo to sing a bit from his favorite song, he said that he would only do so in the shower with her.

Despite reports that Cuomo and Lee have split, Lee denied the rumors in a Facebook post. In addition, Cuomo denied the rumors through a representative, per Gothamist.

"Nothing has changed — I live in Mt. Kisco and Albany, and my cars are in the garage there."
But following his recent speech at the TWA terminal, people are skeptical and believe that his strange remarks could be a sign that there's trouble with the couple. Of course, it could also just be Cuomo being Cuomo.
As The Inquisitr reported, the New York governor is in support of a bill that the New York Senate passed last week that would give Congress a means of obtaining President Donald Trump's state tax returns. Although these returns are separate from his federal tax returns, they would reportedly contain much of the same information, giving Democrats a means of obtaining the president's tax information in the face of his current refusal to do so on his own accord.