May 15, 2019
Vianey And Allen Weight-Loss Pictures: See The Massive Changes The Couple Made Since 'My 600-LB Life'

Vianey and Allen both came to My 600-LB Life in need of massive changes, with the couple facing the added burden of a co-dependent relationship that revolved around terrible habits with food.

Now it appears that the couple has found the change they were seeking and have made significant strides since first appearing on the TLC docu-series. This week's episode was unusual in that it focused on two subjects rather than just one. While many of the people featured have extenuating circumstances that contribute to their weight gain --- usually traumatic childhood experiences or relationships with family members that remain strained --- the rare times that the show has focused on couples presents added challenges for them.

In the case of Vianey and Allen, their tenuous health is intricately tied with the relationship. As Distractify noted in a preview of their episode, Allen has difficulty getting around and is unable to sleep in the same bed as Vianey, as they don't fit together.

Whatever difficulties that Allen may have with walking, Vianey is much, much worse. By the time the TLC cameras showed up to document their lives, the 51-year-old is almost incapable of getting out of bed and relies on Allen for all of her food and care. Both have reached their breaking point and were hoping to have weight-loss surgery that would likely save their lives.

Despite the difficult circumstances, Vianey and Allen are able to make great progress, even within the confines of the two hours featured on Wednesday's show. Vianey was able to lose 120 pounds on her own, though was unable to make it through weight-loss surgery after her heart stopped. Allen also saw significant changes while on the strict, 1,200-calorie diet imposed by famed weight-loss surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan.

The two ended up losing a total of more than 500 pounds --- Vianey dropping 226 pounds and Allen shedding 272 pounds.

Those looking for weight-loss pictures of Allen and Vianey will likely have to wait to see the entire transformation. The network whetted the appetite of viewers with some images from the episode itself, which showed the couple as they were mid-journey in their weight-loss, but the final product remains a bit elusive. Neither appears to have any public social media presence, so fans of My 600-LB Life will have to keep an eye on the show's official page, which is regularly updated with the progress of those featured on the show.