Tarsha Whitmore Tugs At Hot Pink String Bikini In Poolside Snap

Competition between Instagram's models is stiff. Proving her worth today is Australian model Tarsha Whitmore. The sultry-eyed brunette is in Ibiza, Spain, and it looks like she's packed a bikini.

On May 15, Tarsha updated her Instagram. Picture-perfect palms and blue skies make for an attractive backdrop, but eyes are likely on the attractive model in the foreground. Tarsha is sitting at the edge of a pool with crystal waters. She's in the shade, but something about this picture is heating things up. Tarsha's itsy-bitsy bikini comes in a hot-pink color. It's also plastic-stringed and getting a tug from the girl wearing it. The finish is flaunting Whitmore's sensational curves and impeccable tan all at once, and it's proving a hit.

Looking directly into the camera with her signature deep-eyed gaze, Tarsha is shooting her Instagram fans the one thing that works best on the platform – eye contact. Her rosy lips match her electrifying two-piece, although the pout doesn't come with quite the same glare.

Fans have been leaving their thoughts.

"OMF" came from fellow model Allie Auton.

It wasn't the only comment from a peer. Abigail Goddard likewise left Tarsha a note.

"Are you even real?????"
Tarsha herself appears to have questioned the reality of her situation. Her "cannot believe I'm here" caption suggests the model is awestruck at being in Ibiza.Beady-eyed fans will have noticed the Spanish resort destination mentioned in Tarsha's bio. Her account intro also mentions the month of May as having Morocco on the cards. Clearly, this sensation is up for traveling. Tarsha does, however, honor her hometown Gold Coast, Australia, in the opening line of her bio – Australians are renowned for being fiercely proud of their home country.Elsewhere, Tarsha's bio announces her "ambassador" status with Oh Polly. The U.K.-based clothing brand designs everything from dresses to athleisurewear looks, but it also offers swimwear. Oh Polly seems to have chosen its spokesperson well. With a love of the pool and beach life, Whitmore comes as a natural. The collaboration likely proves lucrative for both parties. Given that the Instagram-required "#ad" is not used in Tarsha's shout-outs, it can be assumed that she acquires the clothing free of charge in exchange for a mention. The bikini-loving model receives some new merchandise and the brand receives publicity. It's a win-win.

Today is Tarsha's first Ibiza update – fans should gear up for more. They can also keep tabs on Tarsha's fun in the sun by following her Instagram.