May 15, 2019
'Southern Charm' Cast Member Reacts To Ashley Jacobs Returning For Season 6, Slams Her For Kathryn Dennis Diss

Ashley Jacobs may not be dating Thomas Ravenel any longer, but she's still appearing on Southern Charm.

During an interview with The Daily Dish on May 15, Austen Kroll reacted to the news of Jacobs' return to the show, one which doesn't make sense to many fans due to the fact that Jacobs truly has no more ties to the cast -- and is no longer romantically linked with Ravenel.

"I just don't understand the whole thing. I just don't get it. You know, she's been very vocal about how much she thinks we're all losers... and then she'll show up," Kroll said.

According to Kroll, he and his co-stars are on the outs with Jacobs, not only due to her past relationship with Ravenel -- who was fired from the show last year -- but because of the horrendous things Jacobs has said to Kathryn Dennis, the mother of Ravenel's two children.

"I think that her culpability is at an astounding low," Kroll said. "She doesn't understand the things that she said to Kathryn are truly horrible."

Throughout the fifth season of Southern Charm last year, Jacobs made shocking comments about Dennis -- some right to her face. At one point, the nurse labeled Dennis as an "egg donor" for her two children, including 5-year-old Kensington and 3-year-old Saint Julien.

During her own interview with The Daily Dish, longtime star Cameran Eubanks addressed Jacobs' return to Southern Charm, and explained that the ex-girlfriend of Ravenel is "a very complex girl." Eubanks then said that Jacobs has made a habit of saying one thing, but doing another -- and of later apologizing.

In September of last year, Jacobs spoke to People after splitting from Ravenel. She said that she would love to return to Southern Charm and redeem herself to her co-stars. She also suggested that because Dennis was given her chance at a redemption story, Bravo TV should give her that same opportunity.

"I wish they had the decency to contact me and give me a chance. Because I would like to have a redemption story, the same way Kathryn [Dennis] did," Jacobs said. "I'm not going to fight and I'm not going to play dirty. I'm going to smile and be nice."

According to Jacobs, she wasn't amiable before -- largely because she was too caught up in her drama with Ravenel as she filmed Season 5 last year.

Southern Charm Season 6 premieres tonight, Wednesday, May 15, at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.