Abby Dowse's Black Lingerie Has Instagram Calling Her Look 'Insane' & 'Perfect'

Abby Dowse is climbing the social media ranks – the Australian model now has 1.3 million Instagram followers. May 15 brings them an update on their favorite blonde.

Abby's latest snap comes slightly more covered-up than usual. The bikini-loving model has opted out of her usual swimwear look, and she's likewise made the choice to cover her cleavage. Nonetheless, today's outfit is racy and risque. Dowse is clad in a mixed getup of blacks, whites, and reds, and the look is proving eye-catching. A cropped black t-shirt with a red rectangle matches thigh-high black stockings with white horizontal stripes. Both are showcasing Abby's healthy tan, taut abs, and curvy waist. Lacy black panties add the final and most-noticeable flourish.

With a direct gaze into the camera lens, Abby is leaning on a pristine white couch with a black cushion. A background plant is decorative. Unsurprisingly, however, few comments attached to the share were about the indoor foliage. Fellow model Madison Gordon left her thoughts in a comment.

A fan appearing to be named Byron likewise left a reply.
"I'm Thunderstruck Abby."
Interestingly, many comments on today's post come from Instagram handles appearing to be female. Dowse was called "perfect," as well as "super pretty." Abby was also told that she can "do no wrong."Being called "perfect" and "super pretty" seem fitting as regards Abby's popular "Barbie doll" moniker – The Inquisitr first documented the model being compared to the iconic doll last month.Today's outfit boasts a bit of a style shoutout, as well. U.K.-based fashion retailer Boohoo appears to be responsible for Abby's look, per her caption. While Abby's bio introduces her as a Fashion Nova ambassador -- and her posts frequently reflect as much -- today's post honors a different brand of affordable clothing. Dowse joins fellow Instagram models in collaborating with low-priced fashion labels – Fashion Nova is arguably the biggest such brand currently sweeping the platform.As commonplace as bikini snapshots may be for Instagram models, Dowse does bring a unique edge. Abby's love of suspenders and thigh-high stockings are somewhat of a trademark for her, although they aren't donned repetitively. Abby also engages in the Instagram-adored trend of food shares. Her "snack" post, seen above, may not have come with the world's most elaborate menu, but it added a signature bit of fruit. Full-on meal displays are frequently seen on feeds belonging to other models, such as Olivia Culpo.

For Abby, however, adding an apple to a pose is unlikely to be a deal-breaker in dictating a post's success. This blue-eyed-blonde is adored for her looks, cleavage, and very stylish clothing choices. Abby's May 15 snap had racked up over 20,000 likes within 13 hours of having been posted.