Blac Chyna Confesses That Rob Kardashian Was A Better Lover Than Tyga

Blac Chyna is spilling some NSFW details about her relationship with reality star Rob Kardashian. In a recent appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, the mother of two spilled a lot of details about her past relationships with both Tyga and Rob Kardashian. According to The Daily Mail, the 31-year-old was asked some tough questions by the talk show veteran but Chyna made sure to be candid with all of her responses. One of the first questions that the mother of two was asked was if Tyga or Rob Kardashian was a better lover.

"Can I choose neither?" the singer joked. "A better lover? Rob."

The 31-year-old also talked a little bit more about her relationship with Rob and how their romance transpired. At one point, the talk show host accused Chyna of using Rob to get back at the Kardashians, specifically Kylie, who was dating her ex and baby daddy — Tyga.

"I thought you were using him to get back at the whole family Get back at them by getting their most vulnerable asset, which is Rob. He let himself go, didn't care about himself and along came you."
But Chyna assured fans that she didn't use Rob to get back the famous family, admitting that their relationship did move "quickly" but the love that they had for one another was genuine and real. The outspoken personality also talked about her relationship with Tyga, admitting that she and the rapper grew apart. Chyna admitted that she was kicked out of the home that she and Tyga shared with their son — King. This was shortly after Tyga and Kylie's friendship turned romantic.
"Sometimes things don't work out and then also, sometimes things just spread you different ways and I guess that's what was going," Chyna said of her falling out with the rapper. "The way it went about publicly wasn't right. Even not publicly it wasn't right."

The couple dated from 2012-2014 before Tyga moved on with Kylie. But the model assured both Wendy and viewers that she and Kylie are on good terms now. As she explained it, Jenner is the aunt of her daughter, Dream. When she and Rob were together, she and Kylie were able to put their differences aside and move on. Now, she hopes that Kylie feels the same way.

"I'm fine on my side and I'm hoping we're good."
Currently, the businesswoman is looking forward to her next venture — a new television show. As The Inquisitr shared earlier today, the Lashed Cosmetics CEO will star in The Real Blac Chyna on the Zeus Network starting this summer. The show will also star her two kiddos — King Cairo and Dream.