May 15, 2019
Demi Lovato Talks Passion For Jiu Jitsu In Latest Instagram Post: 'I Feel Awesome'

Demi Lovato is in good spirits and in good health nearly one year following her drug overdose. According to the singer herself, something that has helped her stay on the right path is Brazilian jiu jitsu. Lovato opened up about her love for the martial art in an Instagram post on Wednesday alongside a photo of herself rocking a bikini on her recent Bora Bora vacation.

The photo on the 26-year-old "Confident" singer's Instagram feed showed her sprawled out on a bed wearing a leopard-print bandeau bikini top and matching high-waisted bottoms that showed off her killer curves and toned physique.

"Idk what to caption this.. reality is I'm sitting at the gym post jiu jitsu feeling high on life and drinking my post workout shake," Lovato wrote. "I'm sweaty and not looking this glamorous right now but f*** I feel awesome and posting this feels empowering."

She continued on to say that her workouts have given her the confidence to not only look great in a bikini but also to defend herself should she ever come under attack.

"I have security but in the moments I'm alone I feel confident that I can hold my own against an attacker and hope everyone finds something they become as passionate about as I feel about jiu jitsu," Lovato concluded, noting that people of any size, shape, or gender can succeed in the martial art.

The photo has garnered over 500,000 likes and is rapidly climbing. Fans and friends in the comments cheered Lovato on.

"Own your power!!!" one user wrote.

"I love this so much," another said. "GODDESS!"

The singer has been spending much of her time at her favorite gym, Unbreakable Performance in Hollywood, ever since she left rehab following her July hospitalization. In December, one month after completing a stint in rehab, she shared a makeup-free selfie just after a jiu jitsu workout.

In March this year, the singer earned her second-degree blue belt, according to People. She shared a photo of the belt on her Instagram Stories along with a note that read, "Earned. Not given."

Lovato earned her first blue belt in August 2017. The second-degree blue belt marks the second of seven skill levels in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu system.

In the Instagram post, she thanked her instructor, Chris Light, for teaching her so much and called him a "legend." In addition, she noted that she can't wait to learn even more from him and continue to work on her passion.