Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Shiloh Nudges Sam To Move Forward On Her Dawn Of Day Initiation

Todd WawrychukABC

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Wednesday, May 15, suggest that Sam will be essentially backed into a corner when it comes to Shiloh and Dawn of Day. Jason managed to interrupt the previous initiation before things progressed too far, but Sam has suggested that she might go through with the entire thing in order to take down Shiloh.

The sneak peek for Wednesday’s episode shared via Twitter shows that Sam and Shiloh will meet up, and he will mention that they could complete the DOD initiation at the house that evening. Sam looks like she is running through the options in her mind, and She Knows Soaps hints that she may come up with a counteroffer of sorts.

Sam will offer up a proposal of some nature to Shiloh. It may be that she will try to buy some time so she can set up a way to record it and loop in Jason, or she may act as if she is ready and willing whenever Shiloh can make it happen. In any case, it looks as if Sam may find herself alone and with Shiloh in a compromising position again soon.

As The Inquisitr previously noted, Jason and Carly will be talking during Wednesday’s episode. Part of their conversation will be about Sam’s ruse with Shiloh, and General Hospital spoilers tease that Carly might have something happen that causes her to worry about her pregnancy.

Jason will end up taking Carly to General Hospital and spoilers suggest that having Jason otherwise distracted and occupied could present problems for Sam and her plan to film Shiloh and the initiation.

Sam thinks that perhaps she can go ahead and let Shiloh drug her, tattoo her, and eventually get intimate with her, all while she has it filmed. She has suggested that this could lead to Shiloh being taken down because Sam won’t be able to truly consent due to being drugged, but this could backfire in some major ways.

By the sounds of things, Sam may agree to meet Shiloh, but this all will carry over into future episodes. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Jason will get a frantic phone call during the episode airing on Monday, May 20, and it could be that the phone call is from Sam as she tries to maintain control over this Shiloh situation.

Sam will end up in a confrontation with Kristina the following day, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Shiloh will be distracted in the show after that. During the May 24 offering, Sam will be helpless, and again, it seems almost guaranteed that this is still somehow related to this Dawn of Day scheme.

How far will Sam let this situation go? Fans have been speculating that Shiloh might end up dead before this is all over, and it would be an interesting twist if Sam perhaps ended up killing him to keep herself safe and then needs to scramble with Jason to cover it up. Of course, if Shiloh were to end up dead, there would be plenty of suspects who could face difficult questions.

Additional General Hospital spoilers breaking down what comes next with Shiloh and Dawn of Day will emerge in the days ahead. Sam may think she has the upper hand in all of this, but teasers hint that she may soon find out that she was seriously mistaken.