Here's Why Instagram Just Sent Kylie Jenner A Giant 'No Thanks'

Kylie Jenner's Instagram grip may be stronger than ever, but not everyone is responding positively to this billionaire. The 21-year-old will be launching her new Kylie Skin range May 22. The collection may come with candy-pink packaging and promo videos featuring her daughter, Stormi Webster, but it comes with something else – a price tag. Most notably, the $10 Makeup Removing Wipes.

The @kylieskin Instagram account now has over 1 million followers. Fans have been subscribing in anticipation of the beauty line's six products – Vanilla Milk Toner, Walnut Face Scrub, and Foaming Face Wash are completed by Face Moisturizer, Eye Cream, and Vitamin C serum. As Refinery29 reports, all are priced under $30. While responses to the range's six key products have mostly proven popular on the brand's Instagram, the latest drop is bucking the trend.

On May 14, @kylieskin posted a promotional snap for the $10 wipes. Responses have been pouring in. One fan queried the cost, per their comment.

"$10??? lmao no thanks"
Another pointed out competitor products, per their words.
"Neutrogena twin packs are $2.50 more and come with 50 wipes, which are tried and true and I'd have to gamble with new ones that I won't be able to return...pass"
Kylie Skin wipes come in packs of 30. Other responses saw users probe the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star on having "enough money already."Kylie's venture into skincare follows the immense success of her Kylie Cosmetics empire. The 2015-launched company quickly became one of the most hyped-up cosmetics ranges on Instagram – savvy use of the platform saw the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sell enough of her merchandise to become the world's youngest billionaire, per Forbes.Given this Jenner's knack for getting her products to fly off shelves, Kylie Skin may well prove an immense success. That said, the star may find herself concerned at the level of negative feedback regarding her $10 item.

"That's a lot for makeup wipes," one user wrote.

Then again, another was "legit wanting" to sample them. A likewise enthusiastic fan reminded the platform that "it's called quality guys." Ultimately, however, the feedback seems overwhelmingly negative. The most-liked comments are the most critical.

Kylie's expansion from cosmetics to skincare places her as the first family member testing the industry's waters. While Kim Kardashian's best-selling KKW Beauty line falls under the beauty umbrella, it does not sell basic skincare products. Kim's lipsticks, contouring kits, and other makeup items extend into fragrances, but the 38-year-old has yet to launch anything resembling face washes or moisturizers.

Fans wishing to purchase Kylie Skin's products should keep their eyes peeled for May 22.