Lyna Perez And Her Underboob Bust Out Of Tiny String Bikini

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There’s a reason 3.9 million people are following Lyna Perez on Instagram. The model’s eye-popping curves and signature bikinis have made her somewhat of a sensation – Lyna’s May 13 update is proving how.

Lyna’s most recent update comes outdoors. Amid ocean backdrops and blue skies, Perez is seen perched at the edge of open waters. She’s handling her tiny black bikini remarkably well. However, she does appear in need of aid. A caption asking whether she should “stay a brunette or go blonde” suggests a dilemma. The model’s near-waist-length hair mostly appears brown, albeit slightly highlighted. Despite the major cleavage and underboob being flaunted, fans have been answering the question. One wanted Lyna to return to being blonde. Another suggested that light-haired women “have more fun.” Ultimately, however, bikini-related replies did come. One fan left their thoughts in a comment.

“That bikini is too big”

Lyna sent a personal response.

“I was thinking the same thing,” she wrote.

Perez is known for interacting with her fans. Unlike many models who simply allow the praise to pour in unacknowledged, this curvy sensation regularly takes the time to respond. She’s also known for being funny with her replies. When one of today’s fans recommended an “all natural Hawaiian formula” that lightens hair, Perez seemed encouraged.

“so I don’t trash my hair lmao,” she wrote after asking for the product.

Bio-wise, Lyna comes as a simple deal. What you see is what you get.

“I basically live in a bikini” are the introductory words for the girl who rocks them like nobody’s business – this month alone has thrown fans the two-piece in deep reds, pastel blues, whites, and oranges.

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Hoechellla???? Who wants to join me next year?

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Popular as Lyna’s still photos are, her videos are really where the engagement ramps up. Once again, Lyna’s wit manifests. Her “Hoechella” video putting a spin on Coachella proved immensely popular. The video (seen above) has been viewed over 660,000 times. While Lyna’s cleavage took center stage, her style was up there with it. The bustier top donned came from luxury French fashion house Balmain.

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Ugh I'm in love with you guys????

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Bar the odd designer outfit, Lyna goes low-frills. Her iconic bikinis come paired with daisy dukes or colored shorts, although she will don fuller clothing on occasion.

Lyna’s eye-catching feed also appears to have attracted a few famous faces. Her Instagram account is followed by Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham. Likewise following it is high-profile model Blac Chyna. Fans wishing to keep tabs on Lyna can do so by following her Instagram.