Hilde Osland Pops Out Of Tiny Polka Dot Bikini

Hilde OslandInstagram

Feminine and girly are two adjectives that could be applied to Hilde Osland. The Norwegian-Australian model is known as one of Instagram’s more angelic faces – and her May 15 update is proving why.

Hilde’s latest Instagram update comes with a bikini the model herself called “cute,” per her caption. It comes in polka dot blues and whites, and string ties at the bust add nautical touches. Given that Osland is captured sitting on a beach, today’s look seems fitting. The blonde appears to be enjoying her shoreline moment, although the ocean setting isn’t necessarily what one would expect from an Instagram sensation. No palm-studded sands are visible, and the sky is mostly clouded over. With footprints in the coarse sands surrounding her — and a backdrop that isn’t quite postcard-perfect — Hilde’s setting feels authentic. The backdrop also serves to make this tan beauty stand out. Looking downwards, with her left hand lifted to her locks, Hilde seems happy and at peace.

Fans have been quick to comment. Many seem to be noticing today’s caption – Hilde has offered a “discount” to anyone wishing to purchase her Cupshe bikini. One fan factored the deal into their comment.

“Well they got the ’10’ part right.”

Elsewhere, Osland was called “amazing,” “adorable,” and a “pretty babe.”

Hilde has 1.2 million Instagram followers. Her career as an Instagram influencer runs parallel to fellow models competing with her, however this girl has an edge. Hilde’s delicate features and innocent facial expressions buck the trend, and fans seem to appreciate it. While Osland will don plunging necklines and thong lingerie, there’s an aspect to her aesthetic that steers clear of vulgarity.

Hilde also happens to be incredibly stylish. Her perfectly-paired athleisure clothing looks bring in a female audience alongside her core male one – comments often probe Hilde on where her outfits come from. Fortunately, the model frequently gives her viewers a heads-up. Shoutouts to affordable clothing brands are fairly standard on Hilde’s feed.

Mentions of low-priced attire on Instagram invariably brings up the industry’s front-runner, Fashion Nova. The clothing empire is renowned for collaborating with Instagram models in order to get its name out, and Hilde’s Fashion Nova mentions are fairly frequent. Unlike fellow model Abby Dowse, however, Osland does not appear to be a company ambassador.

Today’s update brings fans the model’s signature low-frills style, enviable layered hair, and a little cleavage for good measure. The polka dots also seem to be proving popular.

“Love the polka dots on you,” one fan wrote.

Fans can keep up with Hilde by following her on Instagram.