Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’ For Tuesday: Willow Is Fired After School Meeting

Craig SjodinABC Press

Willow was pleasantly surprised on Tuesday’s General Hospital when the meeting at the school — with parents present — had a bit of a twist. It looked like she and Nina would be at each other’s throats, as usual, though most of the time it’s only Nina who berates the teacher. But this time, Nina changed her tune — at least for a moment or two.

The meeting was called to talk about a book that featured all different sets of parents, including gay parents. Franco and Elizabeth were there as well. Franco set the tone, coming right out to say that someone just has a problem with gays. The parents of Bianca, the girl who was forbidden to play with Aiden, were the ones objecting to the book. Nina blamed Willow for creating the chaos in the first place, but then she took a different turn than expected. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central tease that Nina is delighted that things are working out between Sasha and Michael, but it’s obvious that she wants Willow out of the way.

Michael headed to see Willow before the meeting, looking to thank her for helping Kristina. He even brought her a gift. Michael ended things with a huge hug, just as Nina and Valentin showed up.

However, Nina decided to speak out against censorship, making herself look good in front of the other parents, and sort of defending the school teacher in the process. Willow was shocked by it all. Of course, Nina had to get the last word in, as she left once again — and warned Willow that she is keeping an eye on her.

After everyone left, the principal shook Willow’s world by telling her that she won’t be back for the next school year. He fired her. It appears that Nina may have just hit Willow with one last blow, getting her fired. Maybe that’s why Nina chose to play it nice at the meeting. After all, who else would want Willow to lose her job?

There is actually one other person that would benefit from Willow’s firing, and that would be Shiloh. He hasn’t yet found a way to convince his former Dawn of Day member to come back to the fold. She has been strong against him so far, but he may be gunning for her job, thinking she will go running back to him after losing her position.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps tease that Shiloh has more influence over Port Charles than people realize. Could the school’s principal also be a member of the cult?

The blame will most likely be put on Nina for having Willow fired. May sweeps is here on General Hospital, so keep watching to see who is really responsible.