David Ortiz, Prince Fielder, And Cecil Fielder Appear Nude In MLB Barbecue Promo

Scott Eisen Getty Images

Major League Baseball’s official Twitter account posted a strange message Wednesday morning, featuring three prominent retired baseball players naked, but for strategically placed barbeque grills and tools.

The tweet, a piece of sponsored content from Kingsford Charcoal, features David Ortiz, Cecil Fielder, and Prince Fielder standing at the grill naked in different photos, followed by a different photo of all three men in towels. While the other two men appear to be grilling at home, Prince Fielder has set up the grill at home plate at a baseball field. The caption also noted that all three former MLB stars’ bodies are “rare.”

Major League Baseball also put out a Facebook video this week, featuring the three players and their on-field credentials. The caption notes that “Three baseball legends show off their body by barbeque [sic],” as the players talk about their favorite meats.

All three players were known for their rather large physiques while they played. And surprisingly, this isn’t the first time Prince Fielder has posed nude. He appeared without clothes in the 2004 ESPN: The Magazine Body Issue, per BuzzFeed. The younger Fielder also announced at one point that he had become a vegetarian, per Vegan Bits, after his wife encouraged him to read the pro-vegetarian book Skinny B*tch. But the former first baseman’s participation in this campaign is an indication that he’s since given up that lifestyle.

Cecil Fielder is 55-years-old, while David Ortiz is 43 and Prince Fielder is 35. All three primarily played first base and designated hitter during their playing careers.

Some of the responses to the social media posts have pointed out that Prince Fielder and Cecil, his father, appear to be on better terms, as the two men were reportedly estranged for a time. However, that was no longer the case at the time that Prince Fielder retired from baseball in 2016, per ESPN.com. The two Fielders both retired with the exact same number of home runs — 319.

Kingsford, per New York Sports Journalism, has been a sponsor of Major League Baseball since 2018, with Ortiz among its endorsers, even though the former Boston Red Sox slugger had already retired from playing by that time.

As seen in this Twitter post, the company ran a television commercial last year featuring another famously big baseball player, Bartolo Colon, “exercising” while lifting meat and bags of charcoal, and hinting that such workouts were the reason Colon managed to remain an active baseball player into his 40s. Colon did not, however, appear nude in the commercial.