May 15, 2019
How Curvy Model Hunter McGrady Deals With Haters And Trolls

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Hunter McGrady has a unique approach to dealing with haters and trolls on social media — she prays for them.

In an exclusive interview with Fox News on Wednesday, the plus-size model said that prayer was the best way she could deal with haters because anything else simply wasn't worth her time.

She explained that her family always told her that "hurting people hurt people," and whenever she reads negative comments, she remembers those words. She went on to say that people who leave hateful comments "obviously have insecurities of their own," adding that she understood because she once had to deal with her own insecurity.

That isn't the case anymore. McGrady said that the negativity she gets goes to show that society needs to be talking about the need for a world with models that come in many different shapes and sizes.

"The more comments like that I get, the more I'm like, bring it on. We need this," she said, pointing out that it was "apparent" that this was something "we need to continue fighting for and continue talking about."

"So, if anything, I make it a learning lesson and I just say I'm praying for you, and God bless. I hope the best for you. I hope that wonderful things happen for you because better to kill them with kindness. You can't fight fire with fire."
When asked about where her confidence came from, McGrady said it had to do with her mental health, adding that the better she felt about her body and who she was, the more comfortable she felt wearing whatever she wanted. She said that self-love was a lifelong journey and it took her some time to get to a place where she loved her curves, stretch marks, and cellulite. McGrady is now at a place where she can appreciate all of the things that make her unique.

It is that frame of mind that allows the model to look in the mirror and love who she is. And many others love her for it, too. McGrady may see some negative comments on social media, but she gets far more supportive ones from people telling her she is stunning and brave.

McGrady told Fox that the biggest misconception about her was that many people didn't think models deserved respect. She said women everywhere deserve respect regardless of what they are wearing.