Taylor Swift Reveals ‘Raccoon In A Dumpster’ Sleep-Eating

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Taylor Swift has finally returned to The Ellen Show. Following a four-year hiatus, the “ME!” singer appeared on the talk show last night. The 29-year-old braved the show’s Burning Questions, and the result is making major headlines, as The Daily Mail reported on Wednesday.

On the show, Ellen DeGeneres asked Taylor a fairly open-ended question – what does she do in the middle of the night if she’s unable to sleep? The response was somewhat surprising.

“I go downstairs and rummage through the kitchen and eat whatever I can find and it’s really less like a human being and more like a raccoon in a dumpster.”

Taylor then outlined that her night eating is forgotten by the following day.

‘The next morning we walk downstairs and think ‘what happened here?'” she added.

Following her admission, the singer seemed eager to move onto the next question. She slammed the game’s buzzer as if indicating that she was ready for a different topic. Ellen, however, seemed less keen to abandon the subject. The 61-year-old host asked her guest if the late-night eating really aids her in getting to sleep. Ellen then point-blank asked Taylor if she “sleep [eats]?”

“I think so. I don’t really remember it, but I know it happens because it could only have been me… or cats,” Taylor replied.

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@TaylorSwift is here tomorrow!

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For Ellen, the response was “learning something different” – DeGeneres clarified that her intention had been to uncover what Swift does at night if she can’t sleep. The host then attempted to put together what it “sounds like,” however, Swift ended up finishing Ellen’s sentence.

“I’m still sleeping and doing it?” the pop icon replied.

DeGeneres appeared to concur – she then told her guest that it sounded like she had an “issue.” Taylor acknowledged the concept, looked downwards, and once again slapped her buzzer.

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And then there were three…

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Swift’s latest revelation comes as a surprise. The blonde is known for her love of cats, and likewise, her love of food. Just yesterday, USA Today reported Taylor’s “obsession” with Easter eggs as “[ruining]” her latest music.

For a star who errs on the cagey side, last night’s confession appears to have been a brave one. Taylor is notoriously secretive – the build-up to her latest “ME!” single came with a string of mysterious social media posts repeatedly captioned with the track’s April 26 release date, as Swift had not announced the single. Then again, last night’s revelation forms the pattern that Ellen fans are so familiar with — quite simply, Ellen’s ability to get her guests talking.

Last night’s appearance also saw Swift probed on her teen rebel moments. The “raccoon” night eating revelation seems to be the episode’s most memorable (and surprising) moment, though.