Fired Snow Plow Driver Video Apology: ‘I’m An Idiot’

Lowell, MA – The snow plow driver who got fired for his antics uploaded to YouTube has now made an video apology.

As The Inquisitrpreviously reported, Mark Hussey, a.k.a. Dogg, recorded video of himself laughing and joking in a running commentary as he apparently intentionally buried cars and blocked driveways with huge piles of snow during the recent Northeast blizzard.

The video went viral after Hussey, 47, posted it on YouTube. He insisted later, however, that he was careful to avoid causing permanent damage to people or property during winter storm Nemo, but residents who viewed his video clip were outraged. His boss didn’t find it amusing either and fired him.

In the conciliatory video to “America and the rest of the world,” Dogg starts off by apologizing to the city of Lowell and to his boss for any embarrassment, complaints, or inconvenience. He also apologized to anyone else who might have been offended.

In the video, you’ll note that he’s wearing a T-shirt that reads “f*** you, I have enough friends.”

He freely concedes that recording the original blizzard video was a mistake: “Am I an idiot. Yes; I’d be the first one to admit that.” Dogg says he now understands that he should have kept his mouth shut and avoided the wisecracks.

However, the gravelly voiced Dogg insists that things aren’t what they seem on the original video. “Basically I was doing my job, and if you watch the video and turn down the sound, you’ll see I was doing my job perfectly.”

Even though he self-deprecatingly begins the video by referring to himself as “the snow monster” and the “sadistic plow driver,” Dogg maintains in the video that he’s actually a regular guy who has been driving a truck for 30 years to the best of his ability.

Hussey reaffirmed that no cars or personal property were damaged during the plowing, and the only things that might have been hurt were people’s feelings and “some sore backs” for those residents who had to shovel out their cars. He again claimed that he wasn’t purposely trying to bury cars with snow and that he was actually widening the roads as far as possible for firetrucks, school buses, and individual motorists.

Watch Dogg’s apology and his original plowing video (warning for language). After watching and listening to snow plow guy’s apology, do you think he should be reinstated or should the firing stand?

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