Georgia Fowler Goes Nude Under Chain Jewelry On Instagram

Rich FuryGetty Images

Victoria’s Secret model, Georgia Fowler, is a sought-after model and often works with many popular publications. In a new photo released by Maxim, the model was spotted going nude save for chain jewelry that adorned her. The image was shot with Georgia facing her back diagonally towards the camera. Her back is heavily adorned with chain jewelry that also cascaded down her arms. She wore a second piece that tied around her waist, as chains also dangled down on the sides of her hips.

Additionally, the model wore her hair back in a loose bun. Her makeup looked classy, with a hint of blush and pink lipstick. The photo has been liked over 13,000 times in the past day.

Meanwhile, Fowler is sharing her photos with fans on Instagram too. The newest update is yet another magazine cover announcement. It turns out that Georgia is on the cover of Numero Magazine, and the series is all about enigmas. She certainly transformed into a different version of herself than what is usually shown, which her fans seemed to love. The model sported a short hairstyle in dark green and neon pink, along with an elaborate necklace. Her makeup was also notable, with smeared red lipstick and green eyeshadow.

But that’s not all, as Georgia also shared a photo of herself laying on her back with her eyes closed. The Instagram photo was black and white, and put emphasis on her profile. Also, she wore earrings but no other jewelry could be seen.

In other news, she shared her beauty secrets with Vogue, giving fans a sneak peek into how she maintains her look so well.

“I am lucky enough to get jobs on locations frequently, so I get vitamin D on my skin now and then and I’ll always moisturise even if it’s just a simple one. I don’t think skin care needs to be so complicated. It’s best to come from within: lots of good fats, lots of avocado, lots of salmon, olive oil. I never travel without good probiotics and magnesium. You’ve got to have your vitamins!”

“I want to keep busy, keep working. Do my best in everything that I can do and I want to read a book a month,” she noted, describing at the time what her goals were for an upcoming year. It’s hard to know if she met her reading goals, but it certainly looks like right now, Georgia is on a roll.