Julia Muniz Is Topless In The Ocean With Three Other Models

Julia MunizInstagram

Exotic, tasteful, and sending fans four models in one snap, Julia Muniz’s latest Instagram update has a lot to offer. On May 14, the Brazilian beauty updated her account. Her aquatic picture was taken in Thailand, with lush greenery and a modeling squad that includes Natalie Roser, Carmella Rose, and Anna Herrin.

Today’s picture shows the foursome waist-deep in ocean waters. All four girls are topless. A horizontal palm leaf held by Carmella (on the far right) stretches across the models, covering their modesty. Given the leaf’s segmented structure, there is, however, a flash of chests. The models are all wet-haired and looking directly at the camera with either sensual, innocent, or pensive facial expressions. A caption suggests that being in Thailand leads to shenanigans.

Ocean pictures among Instagram models are a dime a dozen these days. Most see the model flaunting provocative levels of cleavage with a possible add-on from a raunchy expression. With an artsy feel and a decidedly classy finish, this update is no ordinary one.

“Loove [sic] this photo,” one fan wrote.

Julia has 670,000 Instagram followers. A simple bio announces her as “being happy around the world.” It also mentions her Wilhelmina Models-signed status, alongside a link to her YouTube account.

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With a tendency to steer away from generic pictures, Julia comes as one of Instagram’s more authentic sensations. Snaps show her taking outdoor showers amid green backdrops or gazing out to sea from under thatched canopies. There’s also a fair amount of food on Julia’s account. Her “breakfast here is the best” Instagram post last month showed Bali’s exotic fruits. The post did, however, find common ground with the platform’s competing faces. It gave a shout-out to an affordable clothing line, Fashion Nova. While the stylish label has full-blown collections with Cardi B, it does rely on micro-influencers to spread its name across social media. Julia seems happy to oblige.

Brands choose their influencers carefully, though. Muniz’s shout-out to Bali Body (seen above) seemed the perfect example of a company cherry-picking just the right model. The plant-based tanning and skincare range has a heavy emphasis on its “raw” and “100% natural” ingredients. Given Julia’s low-key, outdoor, and nature-centric settings, she seems to be a perfect spokesperson. Of course, it helps that this Brazilian comes with a sensational tan that appears to be natural.

Muniz may not be followed by any major Hollywood faces, but a plethora of fellow Instagram models are keeping tabs on her. Julia is followed by Madi Edwards, Kailynn Ashleigh, Amberleigh West, and French twin models, Mathilde and Pauline Tantot.