Ayesha Curry Says She Got A Botched Boob Job Thanks To Postpartum Depression

Kelly SullivanGetty Images

Ayesha Curry, the 30-year-old wife of NBA star Steph Curry, says that she got a horribly botched boob job after making a rash decision to get plastic surgery while she was struggling with postpartum depression. The chef opened up to Working Mother about her struggle with the mental health disorder, which left her disliking her body.

“I didn’t realize at the time, but after having Ryan, I was battling a bit of postpartum that lingered for a while. It came in the form of me being depressed about my body,” she said. “So I made a rash decision. The intention was just to have them lifted, but I came out with these bigger boobs I didn’t want.”

Not only were they bigger than she wanted, but they didn’t look like she expected, either.

“I got the most botched boob job on the face of the planet. They’re worse now than they were before,” she added.

Still, while the mother of three says that she would never make the same mistake again, she doesn’t blame anyone else who makes a similar decision.

“I would never do anything like that again, but I’m an advocate of if something makes you happy, who cares about the judgment?” she concluded.

She added that work has helped her regain her confidence. Being a working mother has helped her gain perspective so that the little things don’t make her as upset as they used to. She also said that she is showing her girls that women can do whatever they want, whether that be a stay-at-home mother or a CEO, so long as you are indulging your passion.

Curry has become a successful chef, teaming up with Michael Mina to open International Smoke restaurants. The pair met when she had lunch at one of his restaurants and he quickly realized that she had a passion for cooking and business. She admits that working and raising three kids has forced her to put her own self-care on the backburner. She told Working Mother about the time she didn’t get a pedicure for six months, leaving her gel manicure growing out.

While Curry’s husband gets the most attention for his income after signing a $200 million contract in 2017 and working on several endorsement deals to bring his net worth to $90 million, the working mother has raked in $16 million of her own thanks to restaurants, hosting gigs, and cookbooks. Curry has also been a spokesperson for CoverGirl, has hosted her own TV show, and has appeared on numerous TV shows.